Gallery: The Worst Celebrity Tattoos

Sometimes, famous people make bad choices. And sometimes, they make them in ink.

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    • Ashley Cardiff


    • Victoria

      Brad Pitt’s tats are not random lines….they’re a map of the levee system in New Orleans when Katrina hit.

    • Kira

      the gilded butterflies one is a phrase from Shakespeare, from “King Lear”

    • Robyn Robotron

      I’m not a Nicole Richie fan, but she’s not that stupid. Virgo is her astrological sign.

    • Meeee

      You forgot the two most recent/ridiculous ones: T-Pain’s Facebook ‘Like’ button tattooed on his arm, and Gucci Mane’s ice cream cone tattooed on his face!

    • wrood

      what they think when they are doing tatoos . if i want to do i will do fake tatoo because it hurts

    • celebrity

      see this this is realy cool

    • Heavenly Smiles

      Bad tattoos, but what about their smiles?

    • anthony

      great tat would look better with a celebrity smile

    • Keep Smiling

      I’ve never been attracted to tats. Give me a nice bright smile, any day.
      Here’s how.

    • Celebrity Smile

      I feel the same way as some other people. Give me a great smile any day!!!

    • Idol Lash

      look like a celebrity with idol lashes.

    • Brett

      awesome tattoos

    • Agent Smile

      tattoos are for braves

    • hello yeah
    • mya

      agree or disagree about tatto: tatto is an art.

    • Cushy Lip

      Those are the stars we see

    • Cushy Lip

      the stars are out to nights

    • Famous smile

      To each their own, I think they should be tasteful, small and discreet, I don’t go for the “wallpaper” look, but that’s me.

    • Robert

      When i was in the Marines i ALMOST got a tat
      so tat are kool

    • Lisa Marie

      Mya is right Tattoos are art! Just finding the right one is tricky.

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