What Do You Think Of This Wedding Invite?

“Garbage Pail Kids” illustrator Brent Engstrom made this card for his friends who are trying the knot.  The couple he made this for appear to have bendy legs, presumably because they’re both carnies. The man can no longer shave because his arms have become hideously entwined with his bride’s. That’s…. flexible. I’ve seen Freaks, I’m not making any further comment on this. – The Daily What

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    • porkchop

      Did you guys know that Art Spiegelman (of _Maus_ fame) invented Garbage Pail Kids?? Isn’t that awesome?

    • Nicole

      Love this! I was obsessed with Garbage Pail Kids when I was little. There was one called Nasty Nicole that I absolutely loved. My brother tried to taunt me with it, but I was too pleased by a partial namesake to be upset by it.

    • Lucia Peters

      Did the Garbage Pail Kids give anyone else nightmares when they were small? Or am I alone in my paralyzing fear of these strange and disgusting creatures?

    • ALS

      Kinda makes me nauseous. I hated Garbage Pail Kids. They freaked me out.

    • E

      Thought it was kind of cute – nostalgic and unique.