Gallery: 10 Gorgeous Older Women (With Wrinkles)

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld recently told Glamour, “Wrinkles can be beautiful. They’re part of who you are, your charm and your history.” That’s pretty refreshing to hear, given an age where so many female stars feel they can’t age over 45. Here are some gorgeous older women who remind us that wrinkles really are beautiful.

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    • Ashley

      I wonder what kind of products these women use; they are gorgeous! Sophia Loren’s neck and decollete look amazing, and they are usually one of the first areas to show age (that’s why Audrey Hepburn wore turtlenecks so often as she got older).

    • Megan

      You remember that episode of “Friends” with the List, and how Isabella Rossellini was on Ross’ list?

      Helen Mirren is on mine. Damn. Sure, I hope I age that gracefully, and with that much poise, but also–she’s just hot. Good lord.

    • Hannah

      Christie Brinkley!

    • C.

      come on, lets be serious here people. really, name one of these stars who in reality has not had copious amounts of plastic surgery. i think the utter lack of wrinkles on their faces can attest to vast amounts of botulism toxin, nips, and tucks that they can afford. and come on gloss…if you are going to start out with a quote concerning how wrinkles can be sexy, at the very least show some.

    • Wizzy

      photoshop does wonders