Would You Wear: Hedgehog Mittens

Check out these hedgehog mittens… but beware: it helps to be really, really adorable to pull off such an item. Like, are you elfin heartbreaker with a page boy cut? Are you a manic pixie dreamgirl or a hot-crazy girl?

Unfortunately for me, if I wore these I’d look like an ogre with forest creatures growing out of my sleeves and people would run away from me on the street. Best of luck to everyone else!

(via Neatorama)

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    • Danielle


    • Kelly

      Those are really cute and I need them, STAT!!

    • Lisa


    • L

      Doesn’t matter if I’m hideously ugly and the weather here doesn’t drop below ninety degrees, I’m wearing them anyway.

    • Delilah

      Definitely, especially since my family has had hedgehogs for about 8 years!

    • Fatwetdog

      Yes! Oh no, why can’t I buy them? I can’t knit! (I know, I know, what kind of manic pixie can’t knit?)

    • Krissy

      Of Course

    • Krissy

      Of Course How Qute Are Theyy

    • punkmarkgirl

      **scream** these are ADORABLE!! Where did they come from and how can I buy them?!

    • sam

      any dream can come true if you keep trying and looking .. please check this link,