Poll: Do You Have ‘Tricks’ In The Bedroom?

Anyone who’s walked by a newsstand, ever, knows that plastered across every cover of every women’s magazine is some variation of: “Bedroom Tricks That Will Blow His Mind!”

Sometimes, these tricks are actually nowhere to be found on the pages of the magazine, and sometimes they involve 20-year-old boys talking about how they like it when women suck their earlobes. Every so often, the magazine will have some absurd new move that involves you being in great discomfort, physically or emotionally, and that no sane human would ever want to try.

Which always makes me wonder — do most couples need tricks, and/or, do most women feel like they need to do something more than have a vagina (I suppose some feel as thought hey have to wax said vagina, but that’s not really a trick…)?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • L

      Hurr hurr “blow” his mind. Sure.

    • Eileen

      I always mean to try the tamer sounding “tricks,” but somehow I can never remember in the moment and just resort to what appears to be working. One of these days I may actually manage to hum on a guy’s penis, but I wouldn’t count on it.

    • Lexie

      I caught my boyfriend trying a “trick” on me he must have read somewhere and stored away. It completely threw me off my game – I fell into a heap of giggles at the ludicrousness of it all. Not really the intended effect.

    • Emy

      What IS a “trick” anyways ?

    • sarahk

      Oh God, the trick thing happened to me, too. I was like…what are you doing? Why’s there a menthol in your mouth. UM.