The Average Faces Of Women Throughout The World

A study combined facial features of women of different nationalities to create an “average face” for each country. We’re amazed by how pretty they all are – though we wish the United States had been included. What do you think our average face would look like? – KuvatON

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    • Eileen

      Well, there’s no “United States” ethnicity, is there? So probably a blend of all of those faces that looks nothing like any woman you’ve ever met – but is still pretty.

    • Lilit Marcus

      When I was in college, there was a traveling art exhibition called The Race Project that came to our campus. It was this photobooth-type thing where a camera took a picture of your face and then showed you what you’d like look if you were different ethnicities. Conclusion: I would have been way prettier if I’d been born Latina.

    • eEv

      There’s African American… I guess for American ladies of other ethnicities, you just look at the nation most of your ancestors come from.

    • G

      Actually, “average” faces are considered the most attractive because when you average features together they lose their “flaws”. They probably did it at where you can also have fun mating and averaging your friends.

    • the Jack

      There IS a United States face: the composite African-American woman. Considering how unrepresentative the composite South-African woman came out, I think I’m glad the people behind this project didn’t attempt to represent all American women in one composite…

      Less than 10% of the population of South Africa is white (i.e. of entirely European ancestry) and an even smaller number are what South-Africans call ‘coloured’ and most other English-speakers would call ‘mixed-race’ (having both white European and black African ancestry, as well as some Asian ancestry in some cases); nearly 80% of the population, by far the majority of South Africans, are of entirely black African ancestry. While about 20% of black South Africans are Xhosa, the ethnic group to which Nelson Mandela belongs and who tend to be somewhat lighter-skinned than other black Africans, and another smaller but not reliably counted number of black South Africans are lighter-skinned Khoisan people (the so-called Kalahari Bushmen), the majority of black South Africans have skin color of equivalent hue with West and Central Africans. For the composite to appear so ruddy-pale, straight-haired and lacking in African facial features, the majority of the women sampled had to have been grossly unrepresentative of the population as a whole.

      The project is certainly interesting, but the South African composite casts serious doubt on the validity of all the composites.

    • ellie

      There’s no scottish either; welsh, irish and english yes, but no scottish? Feel kinda left out!
      But I think the ethiopian composite is the prettiest.

    • Ally

      I imagine there’s no “American” for the same reason there’s no “Australian”; what is an “Australian” person? We’re both countries built on ethnicity. But sadly, remain too racist.

    • Renae

      An artist in my area works with models of various sizes and averaged together photos of 34 women he’s worked with to get an average body. He occasionally adds more models into the mix after he’s worked with them.
      Sorta NSFW:

    • Amrita

      There is no “Israeli” ethnicity either, but still they put an average Israeli face. Probably based on Jews of Ashkenazi origins, judging on the way she looks (what about men, huh?) – no Arabs, Ethiopian Jews or Sephardi Jews. So they’re not really big on putting different elasticities together, and I guess it’s better they didn’t try to make an average all-American face.

      • Amrita

        Oops – I meant ethnicities, not elasticities of course…

    • Shamshir

      The average face of a women from England seems a bit off.Most English people have dark hair because they originate from Iberia(now Spain) and have lots of North African and Middle Eastern in them too.I’m half English and when I go to England most English people I see have black hair.

      • Ross

        You have clearly never been to England. Your ethnicity talk is absolute rubbish as well, I am a black haired English man and it is through Celtic blood. You should check your sources on British history.