Urban Outfitters’ Bridal Collection BHLDN Is Here

There’s long been a gaping hole in the market for brides who are really edgy and original but need a wedding-day look with that special corporate je ne sais quoi. Stepping in to fill that hole is Urban Outfitters and their new collection of bride and bridesmaid frocks, BHLDN* (pronounced Buildin,’ presumably). The gowns are priced from $1,000 to $4,000, while ‘event dresses’ are $200 to $600. The collection will launch online and the company expects a handful of brick and mortar locations in 2012. But it won’t just be dresses, it’ll be a one-stop pre-packaged wedding extravaganza, perfect for the bride who doesn’t anyone to think of her as pre-packaged:

The Web site will launch with apparel, accessories, lingerie, jewelry and shoes. Tabletop, cake pedestals, place cards and everything for decorating a venue will bow on the site in May. Invitations, using letter press or engraving techniques, will be introduced next year with artists creating limited time collections.

And of course there are some dresses to look at in the gallery, accompanied by little white lies I hope their wearers tell on the big day. Away we go!

*UPDATE: Much-smarter-than-me TheGloss contributor Lindsay Cross points out this is probably pronounced “Beholden.” Which makes more sense. Urban Outfitters must have figured it was the most alternative way to spell it.

(via WWD)

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    • Lindsay Cross

      Buildin? Apparently no one really knows what it means, because other places were trying to figure out if it was initials, but I just assumed it was for “Beholden”. I don’t know why… Or does everyone already know that and I just missed a joke? That happens…

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Updated. You are probably right.

    • Mallory Blair

      I love you.

    • Lisa

      Jen (Wright) ne sais quoi, huh? :)

      • Ashley Cardiff

        what can i say? she’s always in my heart.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Yuh-huh, that’s right, she does’t know. She does not.

    • Somnilee

      While I agree with your witty edgy/indie-commercial commentary, that first dress is absolutely gorgeous, and some of the others don’t look bad either.

    • Megan

      I’m guessing Beholden as well.

      And my second guess is that it’s going to have more of an Anthropologie flair than an Urban Outfitters one, just based on the designs. Anthropologie (UO’s sister store; UO came first) is promoting the new venture too. So I think we’re going to see more frilly girl than hipster waif.