Would You Wear Your Boyfriend’s Initial On Your Neck?

In this month’s issue of Cosmo, cover girl Lea Michele shows the interviewer her necklace, which is a charm of the letter T.  Unlike Carrie Bradshaw, though, Lea’s not sporting her own first initial around her neck: the necklace was a gift from her boyfriend, whose name is Theo. I can’t decide if I think her necklace is a good idea – is it a sweet way for her to show how much she loves her boyfriend (who lives on the opposite side of the country from her) or a sign of creepy possessiveness?

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    • ALS

      I think it’s weird that he gave it to her. It does seem to be possessive.

    • Kelly

      I also think it’s weird that HE gave it to her, maybe if she bought it herself… that’s weir too. IDK about this, I think I would only spot my own name, or maybe my kids…??

    • Lauren

      I just read that article last night and I read that and thought, wow, Lea apparently thinks she’s 12 because that’s the only age I would think that a boyfriend giving you a necklace with his initial on it is sweet.

    • Shae

      Agreed on the possessive front. Something just seems off about that.

    • Odbery

      I think it could go either way depending on the relationship. Maybe she asked for something to remind her of him, and an initial necklace isn’t as juvenile as a promise ring or as cheesy as something heart-shaped. Or he could just be an over-protective creep who feels the need to mark what’s his.

    • Meg

      I think it’s sweet, maybe a tiny bit weird that HE gave her HIS initial but I think symbolically he’s giving her a little piece of his heart, I don’t think we know him well enough to call him a possesive creep. Yet.

    • Sofa

      i think its less drastic than getting a tattoo of his name or initial. I also think its kind of a cute update on a locket with your boyfriend’s picture in it.

    • Jillian

      Very Blair Waldorf circa Blair and Nate-esque. Also, I had a boyfriend give me a picture of himself for my birthday once. Not of us, himself. That was really weird. Same thing?

      • Maureen

        Yeah, I know someone who’s girlfriend gave him a picture of her, autographed and saying “iloveyou babe”…

    • AD

      On the one hand, I get the romance in having your partner’s name on you (as long as they didn’t carve it into your forehead while you slept). On the other hand, it’d be kinda awkward to walk about with P around my neck.

    • Sarah

      I don’t think it’s too strange to have your boyfriend’s initial, but only if you buy it yourself. Maybe if he had given her an L and a T together it would be a bit more normal. Although I suppose she might have asked for it, in which case she is the weird one.

    • Eileen

      I actually think it’s weirder to wear your own initial. I mean, think about it…you need to remind people of your name?

    • acb

      I personally think it’s cute. I actually wanted to do that myself with my boyfriends first initially. If it was his whole name, that would be creey/possesive. I think it’s a sweet way to show that you love your boyfriend and that you want the world to know in a subtle way. Way better then getting a tattoo of his name/initial, less commited then a promise ring and less annoying then posting your love on facebook every second. I would totally do it. I also think getting a pendant of your and his initial and putting it on the same chain is cute as well. I personally would never wear just my own initial but I would wear both of ours :)