Luxury Bads: Totally Unnecessary (And Expensive) Products for Dogs

We here at Team Gloss have already mentioned the fact that rich people do ridiculous things to their pets. However, we have since realized that we have only begun to examine the tip of this particular iceberg of ridiculousness. Today, we dive deeper into the oceanic depths in which this iceberg floats! Behold our discoveries: The Strangest, Most Ridiculous Products And Services for Dogs, presented by TheGloss.

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    • colette

      OK- I have a story about this: I used to live down the street from this crazy old lady and when she died- I shit you not- she left her house to her DOGS. The humane society had to stop by every day to feed/ excersize them, and they just lived in the delapidated house, with all the furniture and everything, for like 2 more years.

      • Anne

        Oh my god! That’s horrifying!

    • Karen

      The Pet Airways is definately not a luxury, expensive, yes, but not a luxury if one values the life of their furry friend. Escpecially so if on looks at the sad statistics of death, lost and hurt animals shipped in the cargo hold of airlines. Sometimes one has to move or travel and big dogs are not allowed inside the cabin of regular airlines so they end up in the cargo hold.