You Need A Drink: And A Baby Name

Lots of people name their children after people they love – like their parents, or grandparents, or Gallic chieftain Vercingetorix. And lots of celebrities name their children after things they love, like moon units, or apples. And then some name their children after the most important thing of all: whiskey.

At least Pink does. She’s planning to name her child Jameson, after her favorite drink. Oh, alright, it’s for other reasons, too. According to ABC:

“My dad’s name is James and my brother’s name is Jason,” Pink told Access, noting that both she and Hart are both Irish, and that her husband’s middle name is Jason.

But she also said that she and Hart both like whiskey “That’s a no brainer,” she said.

In any event, we just want to feel okay about naming our future offspring Laphroaig and Bunahabbin.

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    • colette

      I used to know someone named Smirnoff. TRUE. LIFE. I guess it’s better than Sapphire…

    • Alanna

      I’m thinking of naming my kids Popov and Canadian Crest. Though Evan Williams has a nice ring to it…

    • Shelly

      I had a cashier at a grocery store named ShaVodka!!!

    • Shae

      Hm. So, because my mom’s maiden name is Walker, can I get away with naming my first boy-child Johnny Walker?