Poll: Is There a Beauty Treatment You’re Afraid to Try?

Some beauty treatments are more normal than others – plenty of women put on lipstick every morning, but how many regularly curl their eyelashes or use hair masks? Even the most beauty-obsessed woman has one product or treatment she’s always been wary about trying – what’s yours?

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    • Emily

      What the heck is ear candling?

    • Somnilee

      That one where the fish nibble the skin off your feet.

    • Kelly

      waxing for sure, despite how much i think i would benefit from it, I am super scared!!

    • colette

      Anything that involves entombing or binding yourself in some giant machine or ocean-plant

    • punkmarkgirl

      Ear candling is great if your ears produce excess wax!! I do this a couple of times yearly or when I have a cold, and it makes my head feel much less congested. It’s super easy too do by yourself, or you can go to a salon – On Articlesbase, I wrote a step by step article on how to do ear candling, here’s the link if you want to check it out: http://tinyurl.com/45c3p9e

      The one beauty treatment I’m hesitant about is the spray tan at tanning salons. I don’t want to bake in tanning beds, but love an even tan. But stripping down in front of some woman while she sprays your entire body with sunless tanner … uh, can you say uncomfortable!?

    • ellie

      ear candling sounds dreadful! There is not a chance in hell that I would manage it without my hair becoming a blazing fireball. What’s wrong with a q-tip?

    • Jenna

      Ear candling does not work and is dangerous. The link leading to directions on
      how to perform this process should be removed since it is giving instructions on a dangerous, disproven medical practice.