• Wed, Feb 9 2011

Fake It Til You Make It: Your Fashion Week Glossary

We all know fashionistas are excellent at saying exactly what they mean without being so overt as to get them into trouble, like when Anna Wintour called Sarah Jessica Parker  ”coltish” she meant “that woman  looks like a horse.” Here’s our special Gloss-ary for fashion week so you don’t miss any subtext about the models, clothes, designers or Wintours-in-training.

Sassy Black
Dapper Gay
Great styling Ugly clothes
Bad styling Ugly clothes
Interesting “Please tell me you think this is as horrible as I do”
Nice Mind-numbingly boring
Down-to-earth Poor
Free-spirited Sexually confused and therefore pliable
Energetic/bubbly Embarrassingly annoying
Quirky Socially retarded
Social Alcoholic
Fresh-faced Has not yet gone through puberty
Old-school beauty Fat
Organic Dirty
Avant-garde This person is wearing a Halloween costume
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