• Wed, Feb 9 2011

Gallery: Fashion Models With Gap Teeth

Lara Stone is officially a supermodel. Lindsey Wixson is the face of everything and Abbey Lee Kershaw is inescapable.  Sure, Lauren Hutton (and Brigitte Bardot, in the non-model realm) kind of paved that way a long time ago and gap-toothed girls are nothing new (Alek Wek!) but… Lauren Hutton also has a few major campaigns this season and it’s fair to say gap-toothed girls are having a moment. Here’s some of the current top tier and a few of the memorable ones throughout modeling history.

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  • Softer Forest

    No love for Annie Morton or Tanga Moreau?

    • Ashley Cardiff

      oh no! inexcusable because i’m a tanga fan.

  • Toti

    Compared to the US other countries arent really that disdainful of gap teeth

  • Lolrus

    Lindsey Wixson is ugly. Gap, man chin, hamster cheeks. Her face is completly fisaster. I always wondered why fashion designers like highly disproportional faces.

    Other girls look great, even with gap.