Gallery: Your Guide To Lingerie

Maybe you’re thinking about wearing some extra special lingerie for Valentine’s Day. But wait. Lingerie. What is it? How do you look good in it? How does it even work? This handy guide will have you whipping off your soup stained PJs and running into La Perla stark naked.

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    • Mel

      Wait wait wait! What about those half-corset-bra things that hit the lower part of your rib cage?

      • Jill

        longline bras? I want to hear about those!

    • MNiM

      With a corset you can choose how tightly to lace it. You don’t have to tighten it at all, in fact, if you just want the look of wearing one. So, while they are the most restrictive of the tummy control brigade, they’re also probably the most flexible. It’s not elastic. It doesn’t stretch. If you want to tighten it, you have to do it: otherwise, it’s loose.

      Also: the reason they button at at front is because the lacing is at the back, and traditionally, you would have had help getting into one.

    • Eileen

      I vote for thigh-high stockings instead of garters so you don’t have to sit on the straps/have something hanging around your waist. Although that really matters only if you’re wearing them day-to-day…

      • Jennifer Wright

        I think thigh-high stockings are NIGHTMARISH. I’m always walking around in them in the house thinking “oh, yeah, these stay up fine, no big deal” and then I go outside and say, have to quicken my pace to cross the street, and by the time I make it to my destination one is always drifting down around my knee. I’ve tried stitching them in a bit around the thigh, going for smaller sizes, etc, but it never works. Garter belt all the way.

    • Christina

      My problem with corsets and the like is that they’re always designed for much shorter women with much shorter ribcages. So a if a bustier or a corset fit my breasts, it’d probably end around my navel, which would result in an oddly smooth top half and then all my stomach spilling out under the corset. Same with the waist cincher, except it’d end too low.

      • sammi helivian

        You just need a custom made corset for your figure. Then you’d be a knockout.

    • Pantstron

      Also, no matter what they show you in the catalogs/calendars, put your underpants on OVER the garter belt. It makes peeing much easier, and looks extra naughty when you take the underpants off.