How Would You Feel About Your Boyfriend Wearing Super Skinny Jeans?

Personally, I’d feel like I should probably take him out for a steak. Your boyfriend. Not mine. I’d never date a man who wore those to begin with. But that’s me! That’s obviously not the executives at Levi’s who made the “Ex-Girlfriend Jean” which is a super-skinny jean for super-skinny men. I suppose this is still better than the super baggy jeans of our youth, but I’m still not loving it. That said,  I don’t go for hipster boys or, really, the kind of man who’d steal his ex-girlfriends jeans and wear them around.  – Levi’s

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    • Ashley Cardiff


    • Kelly

      I personally like a little gravy with my meat. I don’t think meat-i-er people (or anyone really) look good in skinny jeans. No, pretty sure any guy that wears skinny jeans likes other guys that war skinny jeans.

    • Meg

      Not good, they make me very uncomfortable.

    • Jamie

      Manly men make my vagina want to sew itself shut forever. SKINNY JEANS FOR ALL!

    • Eileen

      I wouldn’t like it. I prefer my men dressed either for comfort or for the opera.

    • Grace

      The tighter the pants the better.

    • Keisha

      My boyfriend steals mine all the time. The only time I have a problem with it is when I want to wear them.

    • Loren

      My boyfriend has been buying woman’s jean for year, but he’s a small guy so you wouldn’t even know it unless he told you.

    • kat

      those are WAY too tight imo. if they were a size bigger it would look good. i like skinnies on guys but dont like it when they wear them skintight

    • Shae

      When will men discover that jeggings are so much more comfortable than skinny jeans? I mean, if you’re going to do it, do it right. :-D

    • L

      I don’t wear skinny jeans.
      That’s it. If I am not wearing skinny jeans, neither should my boyfriend, I mean my God, he’s got a penis, right?
      Seriously. Sweaters, sweatpants, and bare feet get me going, that’s hot. Just please take off the freaking skinnies.

    • Gimmy

      These jeans actually make me cry a little inside, because even as a girl I have sympathy for that guy’s junk.