Sink or Swim: Alexa Chung Attends The Carven Launch At Barney’s

One-time classic French couture house Carven has undergone a “re-imagining”  by one-time Givenchy designer Guillaume Henry and that new imagining involves being your one-stop shop for louche, boyish downtown cool.

Since I’d wager the phrase “louche, boyish downtown cool” is like a dog whistle to Alexa Chung, here she is showing up to the launch of the collection at Barney’s.

Anyway. She is really pretty and could get away with a lot. And I like her shoes. And I like black and white.

What do you say?

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    • Taylor

      White shirt, off-white jacket. Suck.

    • BK

      Honestly I don’t think she is “really pretty”. I have seen some really fugly pictures of her. I’m just saying ..

    • Bonnie

      Oh that jacket is rubbish! Its tailoring is so mannish. For shame, Alexa, what a poor choice.