Under Cover: Lady Gaga’s American ‘Vogue’ Is Here!

Say what you like about Lady Gaga and her media saturation: her outré fashion choices make her an excellent choice for any Vogue cover spot and, even better, she’s not another interchangeable blonde or made-up starlet. Moreover, when was the last time we saw Haider Ackermann on the cover of American Vogue? I’m psyched on the choice and am also digging her Lynn Yaeger look.

What I love most is that Wintour and Co. didn’t sanitize Gaga much at all: they put some Vogue polish on, but for the most part Gaga just looks like the high fashion weirdo we want her to be. Here’s a shot from the editorial, in which she dons a show-stopping Alexander McQueen duck and ostrich feather dress.

(Source: Vogue.com)

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    • pmo


    • Ellen W.

      Everytime I see something on this I remember that when I saw a reference to “Lady Gaga’s Vogue cover” I thought it meant the song and my heart nearly stopped from the wrongness. But this is super-fun.