Gift Guide: 10 Heart-Shaped Things You’ll Actually Like

Every year around Valentine’s Day I say to myself, “Self, if I see another thing shaped like a heart I am going to barf!” And then I usually see fifty more things shaped like hearts, and I usually don’t barf. But if you are sick of buying chocolate shaped hearts, you might love these other slightly more original – and, for the most part, less fattening – goodies instead.

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    • HB

      After reading this post, I thought it’d be cute to find a heart shaped bra (since that’s how I read “heart shaped box”). Unfortunately, it’s impossible to find one that doesn’t look like it was created solely for adult film actresses and strippers.

    • Emy

      HB : Take one of your bra, and “pimp” it a little bit… put strass, jewel, sequins or anything , your man will like it for sure : it’s a change !