Poll: Do You Have a ‘Best Feature?’

You know how sometimes, magazines or websites (not us) will ask you what your best feature is? Like, is it your boobs, or is it your legs, or maybe it’s your hair or your eyes?

I used to have a really silly answer for that question, and it was “my hands.” Truth be told, I still like my hands, but I think I answered that way because the question makes me so uncomfortable.

First of all, I don’t like to think of myself as a cluster of unassociated body parts. Second of all, I either like or dislike myself as a whole person — it’s not like I wake up some mornings and am all, “feet, you are on my good side today, but you know what, eyebrows? Fuck you.” And finally, the idea of identifying — and then loudly proclaiming — a favorite body part seems like both a strangely excessive and strangely restrictive way to allow for confidence. Like, you can have delusions of grandeur about your knuckles, but that’s it! Everybody gets one body part to like, and one part only.

But, what about you? Do you have one body part that you particularly love? I’m also curious to know if you groom this part excessively, but that question isn’t as conducive to a poll.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • L

      My left eyebrow. My right is a lazy bastard and does not arch. It’s as if I’m permanently sardonic.
      I also like my pupils. Swear to whatever deity you worship that I’m not on pure cocaine, but they take up eighty percent of my iris. Apparently it’s distracting. EVIL EYE. HUNDRED MILE STARE. Also, FUCKING CREEPY.
      Other than that, no. My legs are too hairy and have stretchmarks on them, and I just saw Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider, so I feel that if I move too fast, all the jiggly parts of my body will put someone’s eye out.

      • Rachael

        Are you saying that you hear those actual comments from people regarding your pupils? (“evil eye”, “hundred mile….”..etc, etc.)

      • L

        Rachael, I have heard “evil eye”, “fucking creepy”, AND “distracting” before. Still going for “hundred mile.” But basically, yes, my pupils freak people out.

    • Sarah

      I love my smile/lips. I have full, nicely shaped lips, and good teeth.

    • Christina

      It’s easier to list the parts that are not my favourites: earlobes and boobs. They’re merely adequate, while all the other parts are fucking fantastic.

    • Katie

      My eyeballs. Or perhaps technically my eyelids? I have big eyes ala Twiggy.

      • Rachael

        Not being mean here, but often times people see bug eyes where others see big eyes

    • Allison

      i love my red, curly hair and my eyes and body. my nose is kinda big, but i like it okay, and my skin is pretty good in the summer but because its winter its kind of dry and broken out :(
      overall i love myself!

      • C

        Oh…your confidence is a plus for you. Because 99% of men (and this is based on fact/research so please take zero offense to this and look it up for yourself) do not find redheaded women sexy. They may say, “Oh, she’s cute.” or “Yes, she’s attractive.”….but most of them will never truly commit to a redhead and look for one to bear their children. However, the tiny percentage that do find them attractive will be the most loyal of all men. This is because the attraction has been ingrained into their DNA…they most likely had a redheaded woman in their bloodline (mother, sister, grandmother, etc…) And if you fine someone like that who will fall in love with you, they will be loyal to the end and put you on a pedestal. (Compared to other men who would be more likely to not “worship” their blond or brunette partner and possibly cheat on her or mistreat her..)
        And before anyone gets up in arms about this comment, do some thorough research yourself and then post honestly.

      • Goldie

        Um, C, you made the assertion so the burden of proof is on you, not us, to provide supporting research for your silly comment.

        Where would someone find this type of “study” anyway? A 1962 issue of Playboy?

        Without some citation I’m content to dismiss your comment outright.

    • Eileen

      I like my mouth, too – partly because I had VERY crooked teeth as a kid and then had braces. Plus, not to put too fine a point on it, but but my mouth has very high utility – eating, talking, halfsies in breathing, kissing, etc. So not only is it my most attractive body part that I worked hard to earn, it participates in more things I like to do than pretty much any other body part.

      I also am a fan of my breasts, but I didn’t have to work for them and they pretty much serve only one purpose in my pre-breastfeeding state.

      • Ann

        just curious and may seem like stupid question, but what purpose is the “only purpose” they serve? and it this is obvious answer and i’m just not getting it, please (in advance) don’t make fun!!

      • Eileen

        Haha no worries. Basically, my breasts are good for second base. And, I mean, I guess they fill out my tops, but if I’m being honest I only dress to show them off so as to allure men with the promise of second base.

    • HB

      It’s not that I have a best feature. It’s that I have a couple of “worst features.” The rest go together pretty nicely. It’s the bulbous nose and cleft chin I take issue with.

    • Sarah

      Hate most everything, but like my legs, smile, and hands. Woo!

    • Lea

      I’m a jerk about this, but my legs are amazing. Definitely my best feature. I’m allowed to be a jerk and brag constantly because I’ve worked damn hard for these legs. ;)

    • Lisa

      In Little Women, Meg’s best feature is her hands.

    • AppleJuice

      I have amazing lips, eyes, breasts, legs (when I bother to shave/exfoliate them). My feet are my favorite, though. They’re not conventionally attractive – the 2nd toe is longer on both, they have super thick callouses, and my toes are sorta hairy; but I love that about them!

    • Odbery

      For the most part I like what I see. I do have favourites though: my massive, wiggling elf ears, my “anime” nose (as my bf calls it), my blue eyes that squint when I smile, my strong eyebrows, and my super deep dimples. These I like because I don’t see them on most people and/or they remind me of family members who I love. I like my ass and boobs too (and my stomach when I actually hit the gym) but that’s more shallow lol

      Mostly what I don’t like are body parts that don’t cooperate i.e. my consistently falling apart hands and feet, and my hair that never falls the way I want it to. If my legs were to suddenly get longer that would be cool too.

      Nice bout of narcissism for a Saturday night :P

    • mel

      i love my eyes, because it is so expressive, and many people compliment my eyes…( tht’s why i was soo upset when i hv to wear glassess) …oh ya, and i also love my smile….

    • Amy

      I’m most often complimented on my smile, and I like that not only because it makes me feel good about the face I’m showing the world, but also because hopefully I’m projecting happy, positive energy out there.

    • Amy

      C, why was this comment necessary? Even if your stats are accurate, what purpose was served by pointing it out to a complete stranger, on a post that’s all about highlighting our *best* features?

    • P

      I like some parts of my body and hate other parts. My favorite part is probably my calves. My gastrocs are perfectly shaped. And I have a love-hate relationship with my stomach. Some days I want to walk around in a sports bra and show off my abs. Other days I wonder where the gross gut came from and hide in a sweatshirt.

    • M

      This is going to make me sound all pathetically dependent but I like my body most when I’m naked with my boyfriend because of how he loves my body. He makes me feel like it’s the Awesomest Body Evar, even though I’ve gained about thirty pounds since we met.

      In general, I tell people I like my hair. I don’t particularly love it, but even though it’s long it’s pretty low-maintenance; I just brush it and go. I like low-maintenance. And I really like my hands, but it’s partly because I’m a mechanic. They have lots of character: calluses from tools and riding horses and playing guitar and violin, and usually dirty nails and maybe some bruises or cuts from wrenching, and they’re small so I can get to a lot of connectors and bolts that most guys who work on cars can’t so once I get a direction I work fast. People probably think they’re weird and kind of gross on a chick, but I think what’s so great is that they’re USEFUL and they let me do what I love.

      And yeah, I’ve got some pretty good knockers too. Not too big or small; a good handful but generally they don’t make me uncomfortable. But like someone else mentioned they’re mostly decorative. :D

    • Marley

      The most commented on of all my features is my ass, which is pretty large for my size, but definitely adorable. I’m not even offended when strangers comment on it, or yell at me from their cars while I’m walking. I just say “Thank you, I know.” The rest of me is alright too.

    • E

      My eyelashes and my calves :) I like my eyes as well, except that I have terrible eyesight. I have a rocky relationship with the rest of my body.

    • Emma

      for me (if we’re going by what we’re complimented on most) it’s my smile (everyone from my boyfriend to homeless men seems to comment on it), my hair and my boobs.
      i feel good about the smile comments (usually) but my boobs draw more attention than i’m comfortable with (and we’re talking 34 Cs here) and my curly hair annoys me, but everyone else loves it.
      personally i like my blue eyes.
      but like others have said, i think i like me as a whole best.

    • colette

      I have a sexy ass cerebral cortex. Hahaha. just kidding, I’m not a douche. Hair.

    • Lisa G

      I like my collar bones? Idk they stand out and it looks nice when I wear something a little more low-cut

    • Marie

      My hair i guess. It’s naturally a chocolate brown with blood red highlights. It’s really thick and curly but not like an afro lol.