Saying Goodbye to The Gloss

Just over a year ago, I walked into my boss’ office at the website where I was working and told him that I was putting in my notice. “Where are you going?” he asked.

“To a new website,” I said.

“What’s it called?”

“I…don’t actually know.”

I’ve done some pretty crazy things in my life. Dating a guy my friends called The Weeper was a pretty crazy idea. Living in Spain for a month, despite not speaking Spanish or ever having traveled alone before, was a pretty crazy idea. And taking a job to run a website that didn’t exist or have a name yet was also a pretty crazy idea. And you know what? Those crazy ideas worked out pretty well for me. (Okay, not The Weeper. But the rest of them for sure.)

I became the editor of The Gloss before it was The Gloss, and I love this site and my work here now as much as I did when it was all still in the hypothetical. But today will be my last day as Editor in Chief. I’m taking another leap of faith, and this one’s taking me about twenty feet away – to the other side of the office. Starting February 28, I’ll be taking the reins as the Editor in Chief of, The Gloss’ sister site that handles all things pop culture and celebrity. (For more deets, check our out our press release here.) Finally, I’ll be able to say things like “No, I actually have to watch Jersey Shore for work!” and mean it, instead of just watching Jersey Shore for fun anyway.

One of the best things about this job has been getting to work with the sheer volume of talent that comes into this office every day. Our interns Julia Friedman, Taylor Levins, Jillian Engel, Hannah Rose Siegel, and Lucia Peters all came in and knocked it out of the park every single day. Jessica Pauline Ogilvie (who works remotely from Los Angeles) and I had rollicking, hilarious phone conversations, and I’m in awe of her ability to weigh in on everything from interior design to why Danielle Staub is such a psychopath. Ashley Cardiff, who joined our team just a few months ago, seems as if she’s been here all along: her voice and confidence covering the fashion beat are unfailing. And of course, there’s one other staff member who deserves recognition – Jennifer Wright was the first person I interviewed to be The Gloss’ deputy editor, and the only one who I wanted for the job. The only reason I’m comfortable leaving this job is because I’m leaving it in her capable – and always beautifully manicured – hands. So, guys, be as great to her as you were to me. (That means you, person who called me a dingbat. Who even uses the word “dingbat” anymore? Did you watch an All in the Family rerun before posting that?)

There are also a couple of other people I’d like to call out for helping make The Gloss what it is. Lindsay Cross’ passionate and thoughtful letter to the editor ended up becoming a regular column. Jen Dziura, Ladyscouts, Brandy Alexander, Amanda Chatel, Ben Schwartz, the eBabes, and all the other writers who have come through this space have been a joy to work with and to read. Commenters like Eileen, Porkchop, Ellen W, and L cracked me up and also forced me to up my game.

I’d say that leaving this job is bittersweet, but to be honest, there’s no bitter at all. I’m staying at B5Media, working with a bunch of people I really like. I hope that some of you will come hang out over at Crushable and keep me company. So this really isn’t a goodbye. It’s a “see you soon.” And I will.

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    • Matt Langer

      Lovely words. Best of look to you!

    • Meg

      Good Luck & Congrats, can’t wait to hear from you again ala Crushable =)

    • Peter Feld

      Congrats Lilit! You were awesome here and will do a great job at Crushable.

    • Annalisa

      We’ve come a long way from UA, huh? It’s been such a treat to watch your rise and I can’t wait to see the next step! (almost as much as I can’t wait for the day we finally get to do our long overdue brunch!)

    • Eileen

      I suppose this means I’ll have to program Crushable into my browser.

      Thanks for all your awesome columns. I am glad to hear I occasionally made you laugh.

    • Lindsay Cross

      And thank you again for such an awesome chance. Best of luck darlin!

    • last year’s girl

      Aw, mate. I’d never have discovered this, one of my favourite websites, if it wasn’t for you. I hope when they ask me again in three months i’ll feel the same about Crushable.

      Your adventures are always the best. I’m sure this one will be no different.

    • Ellen W.

      I was so afraid we we’re losing you in a serious forever kind of way. I know I’ll miss your Gloss contributions but I know you’ll do so many great things for Crushable!

    • Erin

      I personally hold nothing but contempt for you and hope you fail miserably. In other news, Happy Opposite Day!

    • Lisa

      Phew! I thought that The Gloss might be closing. This is a little easier to handle, and I’ll be going to Crushable more often now! Lovely work, Lilit, and break a nail, Jennifer! :D

    • colette

      Lillit, you are absolutely brilliant. I have gotten totally addicted to this site and I have no doubt crushable will be just as great. As a young writer just graduating from college, I’m still trying to weigh “job I love” against “job that makes sense.” You’re the kind of person that makes me feel like a dream is actually a viable option. Stay awesome.

    • Amy

      I have so enjoyed your sharp, funny, and impossibly spot-on point of view on The Gloss, and I’m sure you’ll bring the same flavor to Crushable. Congratulations and best of luck!!