Runway Gallery: ’90s Nostalgia At Vena Cava Fall 2011

Vena Cava let everyone know what Fall 2011 was about before the show even started: the music thundering through Milk Studios was all ’90s, subtly-dancey remixes of Radiohead’s “Creep,” Garbage’s “Stupid Girl,” Luscious Jackson, Elastica, The Breeders. Every guest even received a little grunge-y zine (” ‘Zina Cava,” natch) with images of CK1 ads or Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp in love. Then the studio went dark: the ’90s tunes were replaced by sounds of pouring rain water and flickering lightning effects. The show began and: ’90s like whoa. We’re talking square necklines, bodycon maxis with skintight sleeves, high-waists, crop tops, and at least one polka dot mini that Courtney Love would have worn at her kinderwhore pinnacle. When PJ Harvey started growling “Down By The Water” over the sound system as the models filed out with stringy, unkempt, almost wet-looking hair and elegantly wasted glitter tears, I knew the ladies behind Vena Cava were having an intensely nineties moment. Also: flatforms.

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    • Kim

      I was too young to wear trends in the 90s, but I always thought my teen cousins who were into grunge were so freaking glamourous. Now that I’m in my 20s, this revival is right up my alley.