Poll: Do You Like to Shop at Home Depot?

Today was a nice little Saturday. Woke up, went to Home Depot…still might go to Bed, Bath and Beyond, but I don’t know — I don’t know if I’ll have enough time.

At any rate, today I took my fiance with me to Home Depot, but most of the time, I shop there alone. I find it both inspiring and overwhelming. I’m always reminded when I’m there of how many home improvement projects I need to do, and how many are possible to do should I choose to do them. I mean, you forget that you can spruce up a room any time you want by just changing out the doorknobs! You know?

Anyway, a few years ago Home Depot started catering to customers like me (customers with vaginas) by hiring more female employees and by running commercials starring women. I very much appreciated all that. I mean, I used to go to Home Depot as a kid with my dad from time to time, and he always taught me that I could fix or build anything just as well as a man. Once I left my parents’ house, he kept me in tools until I didn’t need any more.

But as a general rule, I still find that there are far fewer women shopping at Home Depot than men. So I’m curious — do you go there alone? Do you only go with a significant other? Or do you not go at all?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Carolyn

      I like going AND I take a man with me to make sure I get the correct items

    • K

      I like to look up what I’m supposed to buy online first (and how to pronounce it), so I can look worldly and impressive and give the cashier that look that says, “Why yes, I AM all that and a bag of drillbits.”

    • Amy

      I love it there! Everything is so organized, and I’ve found the employees to be super helpful. The only downside is that I, like you, am overwhelmed by all the potential projects I could be doing…

    • Sheena

      I like going to RONA, same thing but a Canadian company and its only 5 blocks further down the road (also they carry the exact same stuff),

    • Corissia

      Our local Home Depot is going out of business. It makes me feel sad, where else can I go to to make my home look more like home?

    • Allison

      I mostly go there to buy plants. Yay! Although the woman employee working in the garden section greatly disappointed me. She told me not to ask her questions about the plants because she knew nothing!

      I didn’t ask anything complicated, either…just if it was hard to kill.

    • M

      I LOVE HOME DEPOT. But it’s really dangerous for me to go because I end up buying a bunch of tools I will definitely use but do not necessarily need. The only comparable place that is even more dangerous for me is Harbor Freight.

    • Jenny

      I hate it, but not because I hate home repair or anything. I love building things – I just have had some horrible customer service there so I hate it for that reason.

    • Eileen

      Maybe it’s just that I haven’t been in a long time, but I always found there to be a bit too much sawdust hanging around. I didn’t feel awkward or out of place, but the smell and the dust got to me.

    • Lorraine

      I prefer Lowe’s to Home Depot, but enjoy both stores. There are several reasons that I like to go, none of which are paint samples:
      My crazy best friend used to like to go there “for the colors and textures” when we were single. She’d touch everything from floor tile to sandpaper and it is encouraged! Now she has two kids and it is a fun trip to get out of the house. There is a lot for the munchkins to look at, they can feel the textures and you aren’t in jeopardy of making an impulse buy when you’re surrounded by drywall and drillbits!
      I once stopped by Lowe’s after work to buy a curtain rod and I happened to be wearing a dress. I have never had so many people ask if I needed help and one guy offered to carry it to the front register — it weighed less than a pound! So, if you want to fee fantastic about yourself, put on a skirt and head over to the home improvement store!
      Finally, you can overhear THE BEST couple arguments in the aisles of these stores. Every couple in there is trying to “compromise” and not hurt each other’s feelings but it never goes as planned. Suddenly, a woman can be fiercely in favor of paving stones and it is the end of the world if he wants to use a different style. Or a man talks down to his woman for 3 aisles and she has finally had it around the paint section. Hilarious!

    • Simon

      I’m a DIY guy and I used to enjoy shopping at Home Depot in Alhambra California for things that I needed for home improvement in spite of the fact that there are many day labors squatting just outside the Home Depot parking lot staring at the customers as we arrive.
      Today while I was shopping inside Home Depot for about half-an-hour, someone vandalized my beloved car in the Home Depot parking lot by making long scratches along the entire left side of the car. I saw no scratches at all on the left side as I left my car but I saw them when I came back to the car.

      I reported it to the manager as well as to the police. The police office agreed that the scratches were consistent with scratches caused by vandalism but said there was nothing he could do regarding the vandalism on my car because he knew the Home Depot security camera did not cover that part of the parking lot far from the main entrance and because the day labors squatting nearby told the police officer that they saw nothing related to my car being scratched.

      Even though I cannot say for sure who vandalized my car in the Home Depot parking lot, I do not feel safe going shopping at Home Depot anymore, especially the one in Alhambra CA with a parking lot that has a vandal at large and that security is insufficient to protect the vehicles of the customers.

      Therefore, from now on I will either go to Walmart in Rosemead , Mission Super Hardware in San Gabriel or Orchard Supply Hardware in Pasadena for my home improvement needs. The best thing is that there are no day labors staring the customers as we arrive at the parking lots of those stores.

    • Simon

      Correction on previous post: police [officer], day [laborers], staring [at]

    • Simon

      Car thefts at D.C. Home Depot on the rise Source
      A Northeast Washington shopping center parking lot is experiencing a rash of daytime auto thefts.
      Police sources say vehicles are being stolen outside The Home Depot at 901 Rhode Island Ave. NE.
      “I had my cart and I wheeled it everywhere thinking ‘Am I crazy? I know I parked it there!!” But it was gone,” said theft victim Sonja Sweek.
      On several days, as many as four or five vehicles have been stolen.
      Most recently, a Capitol Hill retiree had her minivan stolen when she went into the store at 4 p.m on Saturday.
      “It was just very surprising,” one victim tells ABC7. “I was very frustrated and of course angry.”
      D.C. police have increased patrols at the Northeast shopping center. But some are still fuming at what they call police inaction.
      “It’s just ridiculous,” said merchant Tyreese Russel. “You’re at work and as soon as you get off of work your car is stolen. Police is up here, but they’re really not doing nothing because cars is getting stolen.” -Source: ABC7News and WJLA.com

      My car has a smart key system which, in spite of the perception of being more advance, actually allows car thieves to steal the car more easily.
      Google :Smart Key systems on vehicles not safe!- westminsterspeed.com
      To prevent my car from being stolen, I always put on a brake lock whenever I leave my car even for a short time such as paying for gas in a gas station.

      After reading the ABC7News report of car thefts in Home Depot parking lot, I guess the motive behind the vandalism on my car is that a car thief found out that I had a brake lock on that prevented him from stealing my car, so the car thief vandalized my car out of frustration. Of course there could be other possible reasons for the vandalism on my car in the Home Depot parking lot.

      Whatever, the reason, I think Home Depot sucks for not doing enough to protect the vehicles of its customers. With so many day laborers squatting on the perimeter of the parking lot, Home Depot should have security cameras covering the whole parking lot instead of just the portion near the store main entrance as the police officer told me.
      The fact that as many as four or five vehicles have been stolen in just one Home Depot parking lot on several days indicates that the Home Depot management just doesn’t care.
      I don’t want to risk my car being stolen or vandalized again. No more shopping at Home Depot.