Red Carpet Rundown: The Worst Dressed At The 2011 Grammys

Although we can’t rely on the Grammys for 1) good taste, 2) discretion, 3) subtlety, 4) genuine style, or 5) relevance, we can absolutely rely on the Grammys for heinously ugly outfits, tacky minidresses and terrible decisions. Which is to say, there’s a red carpet there and Kim Kardashian will show up. But wait! There’s more!

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    • sheherbano

      alright i completely agree with everything except the crystal bowersox slide. the dress is actually gorgeous. end of.

    • hannahbeth

      I think Kardashian was trying (and failing) to channel the classic gold Marilyn dress, which MM wears 8000billion times better, here:

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I think you may be right on both counts.

    • Sarah

      Miley’s dress kind of makes her look….um…. “bottom heavy”

    • Lexie

      Did anyone else audibly giggle at Katy Perry? Just me? Mmkay then.

    • Hall

      I’m in tears from the India.Arie one. Made my day.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Thank you!