Who Wore It Better: Rihanna vs. Andrej Pejic In Jean Paul Gaultier Couture

Rihanna wore Jean Paul Gaultier couture to the Grammys.

Androgynous Bosnian hottie Andrej Pejic donned the look on the Jean Paul Gaultier runway.

Tangentially: it’s a wedding dress.

Moreover. We open the polls to you: did Rihanna win big on the red carpet or can no one touch Andrej’s ethereal beauty?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Kayla

      Rihanna looks great but I’m a little bit in love with Andej so….

      • Ashley Cardiff

        That’s precisely how I feel.

    • Ellen W.

      Horizontal stripes can be the enemy. Also it appears the garment didn’t travel well and has become slightly crushed in some places.

    • Liana


    • AppleJuice

      It’s a neat concept dress – I don’t think it translates to real life, though.

    • Xossy

      Sorry!!!, but i think that Andrej looks better in that dress. :) btw, Andrej is so Hot!!!!!!

    • tamara

      Andrej normalno!!!<3
      Bosnian guys are the hottest

    • thyladyx

      Its sad that that boys hips looked more curvaceous than Rihanna’s. I’ll be honest, I hated the headdress thing, but damn that boy looked fiiine. Is there something wrong with me? I think there is.

      But, I think Rihanna looked nice in the dress either way

    • danus|phillipes

      . ..i really love rihanna with that expensive gaultrier dress but andreg pejic looks more expensive and beautiful-gurly with that dress,i wish i could dress andrej pejic as soon as finishing my dressmaking training at TESDA! . ..sounds exciting!