Is Red An Inappropriate Hair Color?

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine who has red hair. She’s always had red hair — she’s a natural.

But apparently, my friend would have run the risk of being kicked out of middle school if we attended school in Channelview, Texas. According to this video, a 12-year-old girl who got red and blond highlights was suspended for wearing them, because school administrators thought it would be a distraction.

Administrators went on to point to their student guidebook, which, according to CNN, suggests that students can’t come to school with “inappropriate hair color, such as red.”

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    • Lisa

      In the beginning of Jane Eyre, when the little girls at the school are having their hair cut short (especially if it’s curly. VERBOTEN!), is there some mention of red hair and its moral harm made by the school officials?

    • Jolene

      Saying that your friend would run the risk of being kicked out of school for having natural red hair is completely different than the school’s policy on dyed hair colors. The little girl in the video doesn’t have a natural looking red or auburn color at all. Her streaks are very obviously dyed. (I’m a hairdresser and to be honest I think it doesn’t look very good but the girl really likes it so that’s what matters.) I don’t think schools should have a policy about unnatural hair colors but some do. They also enforce silly dress codes. I just don’t get the point of this article and video because the object isn’t really “red hair is bad”; the object is that this school has conservative dress policies and should kids really have to be subjected to them.

    • destiny

      you can have your have red hair as long as its natural or looks natural,well thats whats i know but im dyeing my hair red today and im 11 in the 6th grade