Wait, You Guys Wear Underwear Under Your Tights?

You guys are freaks.

Look, my earliest experience of this whole issue was ballet class when I was about 8. If you wore underwear under your tights there was a chance that it would peek out under your leotard as you were plie-ing, and then you’d be flashing your rainbow colored underwear to the entire class. And then all the other girls would gather like some horrible tutu clad wolf pack, taunting and laughing.

Black Swan stuff didn’t only happen to Natalie Portman, that is all I’m saying.

It actually didn’t happen to me, either. I got to be part of the tutued wolfpack. Why? Because I realized you did not wear underwear under tights. What can I say? It was pretty much the only time I avoided being hilariously uncool through wiliness and observational skills.

I mean, until right now. Thanks, assholes.

People are wearing underwear under their tights? Really? Doesn’t that seem to defeat the point? Or, not defeat it, but seem excessive? I mean, the whole point of underwear is to provide a barrier between your nether regions and your clothing. Tights do that. So, presumably, you’re covered, right? And you wash them afterwards, so they’re clean. Wearing underwear under tights seems like wearing two pairs of underwear at once. I don’t get it. BECAUSE IT MAKES NO SENSE.

In conclusion, you’re destroying everything I know about the universe. Please explain the underwear under tights logic.

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    • Kim

      I’ve been told multiple times that tights without underwear is taking the fast train to yeast infection city, because the fabric doesn’t breath or absorb moisture. I never risk it.

      • Jennifer Wright

        72 degrees and sunny in Yeast Infection City! It’s awesome here! We have a very low crime rate! You should come visit! I Heart YIC!

    • teenie

      professional dancer here: in dance class, you have the leotard with the tights, so there is some double coverage of the crotchal area. when wearing tights without underwear (like pantyhose, leggings, or tights – under skirts or what have you) there needs to be an additional layer. case closed.

      PS: why are there so many cross posts with the hairpin lately?

    • Kim

      Sorry man, don’t have the dough.

      Ha ha… haaa?

      • Kim

        This was supposed to be a reply to Jennifer’s reply. D’OH!

    • E.D.

      In total agreement with teenie – most of my tights are not opaque enough to prevent potential exposure of the Netherlands on a windy day.

    • j

      except i dont see tights as being underwear, i see them as being part of my clothes (since lots of stuff requires tights to be work appropriate, etc)… so, yeah, undies before the clothes (in this case, undies before tights.)

    • CurlySarah29

      So funny! My mom, sisters and I were just having this conversation over Christmas – I swore my mom was the one who told me that I didn’t need to wear underwear under my tights when I was a little girl, and I was in ballet, so we weren’t supposed to wear it for recitals either. But when the topic came up over Xmas (not sure how it came up) they all looked at me like I was the crazy one. Nonetheless, I do not wear underwear with tights/nylons. It seems redundant.

    • Ashley Cardiff

      Sometimes I like to pile on a dozen or two layers of underwear, tights and stockings and walk around bloated with intimates shouting, “I AM THE PANTY WALRUS! EMPEROR OF THE NETHER-REALM!”

      • Dan

        I also wear panties under my tights. The panties hold everything in place where the tights tend to slide down as you’re walking.

      • http://www.facebook.com/crystal.nuccio Crystal Nuccio

        LOL hilirious

    • Brookie

      You are correct ,Jennifer, they are called PANTY hose for a reason.

      • teenie

        They’re actually called pantyhose because it was hosiery that covered the bum, unlike previous models which were legs only. put your underpants on!

    • Kelly

      I do not wear undies under my tights, even to church. Too much goin’ on down there. Can’t handle all the layers.

    • Cassie

      Wear underwear under your tights, PLEASE! What if a gale comes up and lifts your skirt above your butt? Guess what – you’re showin’ it all. Plus the little oval in the middle doesn’t cover everything, especially when hose moves around. And the fabric is thinner than undies so stuff get all over the place. Eew! Wear panties too!

      • Jennifer Wright

        You’re generally not wearing them on a sunny windy day in June. You’re wearing them in the dead of winter. You’ve got tights, then a dress, then a coat over that. It would take some sort of mid-winter hurricane for you to have a Marilyn Monroe moment on the street.

      • Lisa

        Jennifer–Have you been to central Ohio lately? Midwinter hurricanes are a common occurrence. Besides, what if you slipped on all of the ice and snow (also extremely likely)? Then you’d be not only sprawled on the sidewalk, looking ridiculous, but you’d be sprawled on the sidewalk displaying your personal region.

    • Andi

      Then you will definitely faint with this bit of info.

      I not only wear undies under my tights. But, to keep them in place…I wear a pair over my tights too.

      You got it. Pussy+undies+tights+undies+skirt=most comfortable.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jack.fleetwood.31 Jack Fleetwood

        send me pictures of that please!

    • SusanCooper

      What? The seams are in all the wrong places. The fabric is all wrong. You don’t want that touching you. You’re naked under your tights? You might as well just rub your junk against anything at that point.

      • http://www.facebook.com/crystal.nuccio Crystal Nuccio

        okay im sorry SusanCooper, but “junk” uh no. Im sorry i dont think so. i believe its called a va jay jay, lol im just say’n reading all these posts, i cannot descide what i will do. up to this point in my life i have always worn underwear, then tights, so now i just dont know, im thinking about it. lots to think about.

    • Hanna

      Crotch-rub. Sitting in sweater-tights for eight hours at work is a surefire way to ignite an unwanted fire in the nethers. A nice cotton-y barrier is imperative.

    • Jamie

      I wear underwear under my tights because my vagina hates all fabrics that are not soft and cotton-y. Also, because I’m gross and wear tights many times before washing them (I don’t have that many pairs!). It’s also another layer against the dreaded cold. The only time I don’t wear undies under my tights is if I’m out of them. Basically, I hate doing laundry.

    • Penny

      Would you also not wear underpants under leggings? Where does the madness end?

    • Kelly

      “I mean, the whole point of underwear is to provide a barrier between your nether regions and your clothing.”

      But I consider my tights clothing.

    • Quin

      But but. Sometimes my tights aren’t that thick and are maybe a bit see-through. And I like short skirts, so if I happened to move a bit in the wrong direction, I’d rather be wearing underwear underneath my tights. Also, it’s more comfy.

    • BriannaW

      I wear underwear both under and over my tights!! I think it’s the most annoying thing in the world when you’re walking around in tights, and the crotch region somehow manages to make it to 3 or 4 inches below your actual crotch. So, I wear underwear over my tights to keep them snugly where they belong.

    • bozly48

      what’s up with this underware thing, don’t wear any underware at all. I don’t! It’s the most comfortable thing. plus I wear big baggy clothes. such as kikware jeans, ufo pants, and overalls.

    • Eileen

      I don’t wear panties under pantyhose, but I also rarely wear pantyhose – I prefer thigh-high stockings, which I definitely wear with panties.

      • hannahbeth

        Same! Thigh highs are more comfortable (and look WAY sexier in the removal process) than tights (which require too much wriggling to remove).

    • Sophie

      I wear underwear under my tights so I can wear tights a few times before washing them… Maybe that’s gross but It’s better than NOT wearing undwear and then rewearing tights…

      • Anna

        Finally. Amen.

    • Christina

      So none of you non-panties-wearing folks gets daily discharge? That’s what underwear is for.

    • Charley

      Every pair of tights I’ve owned have a lining or fabric in the crotch area which takes the place of panties. I’ve read in several places that wearing panties with tights can cause BV and UTI’s because there’s just too much opportunity for moisture and growth there. I’ve even read some places that you should cut the crotch out to prevent that sort of thing…but that seems like it could be a little overboard to me.

      As far as wearing panties with leggings, if the lining is not there, I wear panties. I use that as my guide for what I can and cannot go commando in. :)

      I’m actually surprised how many do both? Or how many people wear TWO pairs WITH tights?? That’s a lot going on down there…

      (Oh, and this comes from someone who works in an office and wears tights and hose about 25% out of the year.)

      • teenie

        that gusset in the tights/pantyhose is NOT MEANT TO TAKE THE PLACE OF UNDERWEAR! it’s an attempt by the manufacturer to create a more absorbent area in the crotch to prevent crotch rot, not replace your underpants.

    • Lesley

      Tights+leotard = no panties
      Tights+skirt or tights+pants = panties

      Tights move around too much by themselves. Panties or leotard can prevent chafing.

      Also, this comment thread is hilarious. Love.

      • shh

        I agree!

        Also, in the winter I use smartwool underwear so it is really just another layer of warmth.

    • Isabel

      If I can be frank here (safe space, safe space): I, for one, plan more outfits that revolve around tights for the specific purpose of forgoing my underwear. It’s just more liberating that way. Breezier.
      Tights + Underwear = Uncomfortable. I find I get a lot of wedgies this way. And in my book it’s far classier for me to go commando than to attempt to be all cute and discreet in trying to dislodge the nagging, bunched-up fabric embedded between my two ass-cheeks. Just sayin’.
      …safe space.

      • Jennifer Wright

        I like that you feel safe here. Wearing tights right now, it’s awesome (do you feel it’s more exciting now? I do!)

    • Carolyn

      Before this article I’ve never heard of not wearing underwear under tights. I grew up wearing underwear under tights and didn’t think anything of it. I admit it sounds comfortable to go without, however, I rarely wear tights so it doesn’t come up for me. AND my daily discharge is heavy enough that i would feel damp if I didnt wear underwear under tights.

    • Lindsay

      Two words: yeast infection.

    • Chris

      I am also an ex-dancer and find it extremely odd to wear underwear under tights. Actually, I usually don’t wear underwear under anything really stretchy. I think all dancers are just used to it.

    • Lexie

      According to Leggs, those classy purveyors of tights and other leg-materials at your corner CVS, I am a Queen size (wtf is up with that name, that should be a second blog…but I digress).

      Queens can be tall and proportional. They can be short and round. Or they can be me, who is short with thick calves and is straddling the size cutoff at both regular and plus-sized stores.

      Which means my tights and I are not BFF. Some days the crotch-region is halfway down my thigh. The microfiber ones squeeze the legs. The patterned ones always seem to droop at the waist and knees. The control top? Don’t even get me started.

      How do I wear underwear under my tights? I ask you, are you so perfectly built that you have nothing to fear from freakish scenarios?

    • Paige

      I say to not wear underwear ever. That way, daily discharge can run down your leg and not gather in your underwear. Just wipe it off in the bathroom. Air that thang out. I hardly ever wear underwear…it actually prevents UTI and yeast infection.

      • miinxi


    • K

      If your tights have a liner, that would be fine. But all of mine have seams that cross right in the center of the crotch, and no liner. You don’t want that rubbing around on your ladygarden all day!

    • miinxi

      i not only wear them under – because tights are not particularly comformatble for my nether regions – i also wear them over the top so the crotch doesnt make its way to my knees over the day. yes it does make my bum bulky and look like im wearing an adult sized nappy, but i dont care because i have a comfy bum.

    • Sara F

      Underwear under tights: comfortably secure or unnecessarily binding? It was a taboo dilemma that had only been whispered about in the most exclusive female social circles in my hometown. But when I consulted the town gossip about this issue, it was confirmed that the only girl who ever omitted the slight fabric beneath her nylons was none other than Megan (Morgan? Melissa?), the first of our high school class to become an unwed mother. Yet, even with this appalling information in mind, I couldn’t escape the inexplicable desire to understand this newfound form of feminine freedom. Late one night, as I carefully laid out my freshly pressed outfit for the next morning, I made the conscious decision to exclude one undergarment. Ever since I boldly dared to go where only one fallen female in this borough has gone before, I must say that I finally know the sensation of freedom! I am addicted to this feeling! In fact, I never remove my pantyhose! I shower in them, sleep in them, and exercise in them! Tights without underwear is more than just a fashion choice: it’s a lifestyle.

      So, anyone else have a similar experience?

      • JESS

        Well said Sarah!!! Could not agree more. Panty hose are in fact underwear and hosiery combined. If your talking about opaque tights then they are usually thicker so underwear is redundant. I will admit to sometimes wearing undies OVER the hose but only as needed for modesty depending on the outfit. And you are correct it truly is a lifestyle. I wear them daily no matter what else I am wearing.

    • honeyette

      okay, now that I have giggled myself silly over some of these posts and can honestly say I still have no idea what the proper answer is. Am I supposed to wear panties under tights or not? Is it a personal choice? I just want a happy hooha and not embarrass myself over a fashion no-no.

    • Mary

      I had the same problem with my ballet class. You had to wear no underpants or thongs. Which were scary as a child.
      nowadays, I do wear underpants under my tights. I consider my tights as clothing, so I want a barrier. Plus, I find it more comfortable and I won’t be doing any ballet excersises. Plus, my tights don’t have any special fabric, or space for the crotch, which is an other reason why I prefer underpants under my tights.

      If I wear a very short skirt, I will wear underpants over my tights as well, just to make sure it does not go down a little bit.

    • Shosh

      I never heard of not wearing underwear under tights… but that’s probably because I come from a very underwear-wearing home, or something.
      Feels really scary to give the underwear thing up – and now that I’ve heard the idea of wearing underwear OVER the tights too, it sounds like a great trick to keep the tights where they belong.
      The only thing is, Israel is too hot for so many layers! So I’m really in the debating right now…

    • WikiTobi (from germany)

      Patent US 2826760 (from 1958) says they are underpanties (70-100 Den) combined with stockings (15 Den)

      Spanx FAQ says no underwer requird b/c of the cotton gusset

      And how are you supposed to use a gusset that can be pulled open and closed? (On a high rise controll)

      A Hanes explains advertisement from april of 1972 schows 4 Ladys doing the morning routine and dressing up to the next task. Bras: 2 Panties: 0

      Some Frensh (PUB DIM BODY TOUCH) and Italian ( eva lineasnella EVA GRIMALDI, GoldenLady Vivace,
      Omsa Attiva) TV ads are like the above

      Nylon bathing suits don’t couse yeast infection. Nylon bathing suits with tight pants (such as jeans) over them do. Oh, and do you wear underwear underneth?

      What is the point of having a slight bikini brief pattern that will be only pretty on bare skin?

      What do you get if you add legs to a teardrop thong or a girdle?

      And white cotton panties are by far not as opaque as you think. Don’t look down on you. Use the mirror.

      And read the Italien Wiki on “calze”

    • larry

      tights or pantyhose a lot more comfortable with out underwear.I don’ know about panties.I never worn nylon panties before.It maybe feels okay.But being a guy wearing tights is kind of unisex, but wearing panties not really.

    • Erin

      I wear tights/stockings every day of the year (This is not an exaggeration). The only time I don’t wear tights/stockings is when I am in the shower or in bed or swimming. I wear underwear every day of the year except for whn I am in the shower or, you know, on the toilet. Thus, I wear both underwear and tights AT THE SAME TIME. I have had this conversation before, but I know that I just wouldn’t feel comfortable not wearing underwear. It’s more of a mental than a physical thing. I don’t think that you HAVE to wear underwear or not wear underwear, I think it’s a personal choice with whatever you feel comfortable with.
      Also, in regards to the infections and whatnot, I have been wearing tights every day with underwear for almost 4 years now and I have had no infections or health related issues!

    • Marissa

      Honestly, I wear nude tights everyday-ohne underwear. I rarely, rarely, rarely wear anything other than skirts or dresses because I like the freedom and, especially, the breeze.

      I also sleep naked. What can I say? I’d go comando all the time if it were acceptable.

    • Alexandra

      Whoa, maybe this is because I’m not a dancer but I’m surprised people DON’T wear underwear under tights. I’ve never even considered the possibility, mainly because of the nylon/spandexy feel of tights…I don’t want to feel that next to my vag. With the unstable ones, I’ve even worn underwear, tights, underwear again. I may have to give this no underwear under tights a try. Weird question for you no underwear types, does this also apply to see through ones?

      • By WikiTobi (from germany)

        Having a crotch panel made out of cotton or silk in that area is highly recomended. Mikcrofiber like those used in the current Wolford Fatal may also work (depending on the amount of vaginal dicarge)

    • Aiden

      I had never even thought of going commando under tights O.o But this is probably because, when I wear tights, I almost always end up taking them off half-way through the day, and the the thought of walking around in a skirt with nothing on underneath terrifies me. I don’t think I’m coordinated or brave enough to pull that one off….

    • Zooey

      usually what i’ll do is wear underwear, then tights, then those rlly short underarmour spandex (like bootyshort short), leftover from the days when it was cool to wear skanky athletic wear, on top. That way, the tights don’t ride down in between the legs and get weird and uncomfortable. maybe I could ditch the underwear, although it doesn’t feel like too many layers or anything. hmm. all sorts of earth-shattering decisions ahead of me. I better sleep on this.

    • vshav kansal

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    • krugejir

      most women in germany don’t wear underwear underneath but most wear panties on top because it loos nicer and they keep the pantyhose in place as where panties under the hose will cause them to slide down and then you have the croch at your thigh.