Couple Sets Record for Longest Continuous Kiss

Sweet Jesus, this makes me want to puke. A couple in Pattaya, Thailand broke the record for the longest continuous kiss, after sucking face for over 46 hours.

Yes: 46 hours. Continuously. As in, they kissed while taking bathroom breaks, and somehow managed, according to the video, to make out while eating and drinking.

Something like this has the potential to ruin kissing for you forever.

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    • ALS

      This makes me want to puke as well.

    • Candise

      I think it’s sweet and well worth it. It seems most everything you right about is a negative response.

    • Shae

      Eh. Kinda gross. In the taking-the-mystery-out-of-the-relationship sort of way.

    • Maria

      I dont see the point in this stuff… The kiss should expression of love, not some experiment…