• Wed, Feb 16 2011

What Your Beauty Marks Predict About Your Future: A Chart!

According to some ancient studies, the placement of beauty marks can indicate certain character traits, and what your life will be like. We now wish we looked like a dalmatian, because our lives are going to be kind of uneventful, devoid of character. So we’ll be drawing beauty marks on! Hundreds of them! We recommend using Illamasqua Precision Ink for drawing them – it doesn’t run! We’ve got so much personality now!  Also, strangers think that we have a skin disease or are cancerous.

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  • Eileen

    I am intelligent, sentimental, and insecure.

    In other words, I am the heroine of a Regency or Victorian romance novel.

  • Lo

    This works for spots too, right? I want to be magically transformed into a blockbuster-drama-scifi-soap star whenever my skin goes crazy.

  • AshleyDe

    I’m jealous and insecure! lovely.

  • Gutiesc

    I got zits some of those places… does that count?

    • Emy

      HAHAHA ! Me too ;-)

  • colette

    Natalie Portman is intelligent and Cindy Crawford is sexual. Seems pretty on the mark to me. Alternately, “carefree life” could be “spent past life as a Hindu.”

  • L

    Looks like the only one I’ve got is insecurity.


  • Lauren

    I’m sickly. Nice.

  • ceebee

    ooh i’m sensual and sentimental, go me!

  • Emy

    Is this what you see in a mirror or what you see on a picture (or what others see) ? Because Crawford and Marilyn would be more famous and wealthy than sexual (according to the chart).

  • Steph

    wow- i’m honest and jealous – great no wonder my relationships don’t work, i can’t even lie about my jealousy or hide it, which sounds about right…lol

  • Nessy

    I’m intelligent and sentimental.

  • Thea

    ): I don’t have any beauty marks on my face! LOL, my future is probably ‘undetermined’.

  • Marice

    im jealous, sentimental, responebility, insecurity, sensuality.. mine are really really small once tho..

  • kang

    read this,i’m Sexuality and sentimental what is that mean it mean i’m horny then any other?

  • Sandrina Cashmere

    Intuition insecureity and responsible. WOW power as well.

    • raque;

      wow im intelligent, fame and wealth, yes im the whole package, im still waiting for that wealth, not really interested to be famous

  • brainne

    My beauty mark is sexuality and my moles are creative,fame and wealth,and inscurity.(:

  • jody

    what does beauty spot on the leftside of your breast mean

  • crook

    I got the best

  • Jaelyn

    My beauty mark is between sexuality and intelligence

    • VIvian

      Omggg me too ugh