Justin Bieber is an Expert on Unplanned Pregnancies

Justin Bieber, there are some topics you should stay away from, and one of them is abortion. You’re a 16-year-old boy. You have no idea what it feels like to have to decide what fucking kind of cereal to buy, let alone what it would feel like to be pregnant when you didn’t want to be, let alone how it would feel to have to decide what to do with that pregnancy.

And yet! None of that stopped Biebs and his hair from laying down the law about what’s right and what’s wrong for women his age and many decades older to do with their bodies. I’m always happy to have a child tell me what to do with my vagina, aren’t you? Here’s the quote from Rolling Stone:

He does have a solid opinion on abortion. “I really don’t believe in abortion,” Bieber says. “It’s like killing a baby?” How about in cases of rape? “Um. Well, I think that’s really sad, but everything happens for a reason. I don’t know how that would be a reason. I guess I haven’t been in that position, so I wouldn’t be able to judge that.”

Jesus Christ. When the biggest decision you’ve ever made on your own is probably…well, in Bieber’s case, nothing at all…you really, really shouldn’t be weighing in on how women decide what to do with unintended pregnancies.

I mean, didn’t your creator, Usher, program this into you, little robot boy? Usher, teach you how to avoid hot-button political issues during interviews? Shouldn’t you have stayed away from this one?

Bieber didn’t just make some totes rando comment about abortion, either. “It’s like killing a baby” is heavily, heavily, heavily charged political rhetoric.

And for that reason, I aaaaaalmost felt sorry for little Biebs when I read this, in the same way that I aaaaalmost felt sorry for George W. Bush when he was elected president, in that both Bieber and Bush were in way, way way over their heads. But Bieber, let this be a lesson — you’re a self-proclaimed virgin. You’re 16. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Repeat after me: “no comment.”

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    • Eileen

      I – rather strongly – disagree with your thinking here. He’s entitled to have an opinion, and if he’s also entitled to give it, if asked. Why anyone decided it was worth discovering a sixteen-year-old boy’s opinion on abortion is a better question.

      And I suppose I have to establish my “cred” to have an opinion, so – I have a vagina, I have a uterus, and I have made a 4:00 AM run to CVS for a pregnancy test.

    • Heidi

      I can’t hate him too much for it. It’s an opinion I have little respect for, but if someone had let me think my opinions on serious shit were important when I was 16, I would have been spouting off some straight up bullshit. Justin might – hopefully will – mature, gain perspective, change his mind about things, but the culture that treats teenagers like adults, that demands so much of celebrities that no one even questions why we’re asking a 16-year-old singer what he thinks about abortion, isn’t getting any better.

      • RJ

        “It’s an opinion I have little respect for”

        Okay, seriously? You need to get over yourself. People have different opinions about the issue of abortion. Being pro-choice isn’t inherently “mature” and being pro-life isn’t inherently immature. They’re just different viewpoints. Justin Bieber’s opinion is just as important as anyone else’s on the planet. And until you learn to respect other people’s beliefs that differ from your own, you don’t deserve any respect yourself.

    • colette

      Did they seriously ASK him about this? It’s like consulting Tila Tequila about particle physics. He is soooo unqualified to make an authoritative statement on this issue. Plus, as a super-Disney family-oriented child star, it’s not like he can come out pro-choice. I don’t know what answer they were expecting.

    • Katie

      He did not just decide to expound on his thoughts on abortion for no apparent reason, he was asked about it. Sure, I don’t agree with what it says, but he definitely came off better than most 16 year olds I know. And since I coach boys and girls high school soccer, I can guarantee most 16 year olds are not very eloquent. Some are, I certainly hope that I was…but most are not well informed on politics here in the US and abroad. Also, your quoting of this interview is very different from the others that I have already read, making his words seem like random statements rather than answers to strange questions to ask a 16 yr old pop star.

    • Cheryl

      I have to disagree with you here.

      But before I go into that, I think it’s important to say this young man is a role model (whether or not he chooses to be) with strong beliefs. I can respect that he stated them. Especially because he will be judged for them. Harshly.

      He did not solicit the question. But, as it has been well-established, he is a Christian. Many Christians believe abortion is murder. Many Christians are oppressed because of this belief and for their fundamental doctrines. It is a sign of extreme courage that he took on the question at all.

      I would not assume that he is unaware of the storm about to engulf him for this. I would think this young man has been in the limelight long enough to know that any comment could potentially ruin him. Regardless, he told the interviewer the truth about his beliefs on the subject: “Abortion is murder.”

      It is cowardly, at best, to dodge such a question. Keeping in mind that there is a political aspect to all of this, it seems to me that a sincerely held belief should be spoken about. If he truly believes in Christian principles, he could not, in good conscience, keep his silence.

      Finally, to argue that abortion is a purely female issue is ignorant to the point of stupidity. A woman does not get pregnant on her own. If we expect men to contribute to the lives of our children, we must also respect their contributions while we are pregnant. The life inside the woman is not her own. She created it with assistance. I’ll not touch on the subject of rape, but in the case of consensual sex, it seems very evident to me that as the life was created by two, both parties are equally responsible for it. This young man is entitled to his opinion. His virginity means nothing other than that he is being sexually responsible. That he has considered the consequences of sexual interaction is something to be lauded, not condemned. That he is presumably willing to step up and care for a child that arrives unexpectedly is admirable and is the type of behavior we should encourage.

      • Lindsay Cross

        The problem here is that he did touch the topic of rape. He addressed it and it’s abortion implications. Which has been happening a lot lately, with the whole “forcible” rape discussion started in the House of Representatives.

        So I supposed telling a rape victim that everything happens for a reason is just another way to promote his Christian principals? Because somehow, I don’t think she’ll find that comforting.

        The best thing this boy said was, “I wouldn’t be able to judge that.” Because, no, he wouldn’t.

        And you’re welcome to pretend that just because two people make a baby, they go through the same thing. But it’s really just pretending. The fact of the matter is that men can and do walk away. They walk away from pregnant women. They walk away from young children. And those mothers do everything by themselves.

        So, I’m going to have to agree with Jessica, I don’t want anyone who doesn’t know what it’s like to have a uterus trying to tell me what I need to do with mine.

      • Goldie

        I fail to see how Christians are “oppressed” for this belief. Abortion is certainly an issue with hot emotions on either side, and you may have been on the receiving end of these emotions at some point. I used to be quite a fundamentalist Christian, and while I did often feel in the minority on many issues, I think “oppression” is a gross exaggeration. Especially in light of things like this: http://bit.ly/eRzWMk

        Most pro-choice supporters would agree with your position about cases of consensual partners. But the line between what is consensual or not is often blurry. I don’t think that a 15 year old girl and a 25 year old man bear equal responsibility for a pregnancy. You conveniently didn’t touch on rape, (and neither did Bieber) or instances where giving birth would significantly harm the mother, which I think is where most pro-life/pro-choice supporters part ways.

        Justin Bieber isn’t just male, but he’s a male of such means that he would easily be able to support any child he were responsible for, putting him even more out of touch with people actually effected by this issue.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        “If we expect men to contribute to the lives of our children, we must also respect their contributions while we are pregnant.” I don’t really see how this one necessarily follows the other one.

      • Jessica

        You are obviously a Christian yourself. Thats fine and all, but Justin Bieber sounded that an ignorant moron in the Rolling Stone piece. Not some brave Christian warrior doing is duty by condemning women for abortion. “Its like killing a baby?”…well no Justin its actually a very complicated.
        Also, I will bet the majority of my 401k that Justin Bieber is not a damn virgin. Give me a break. They just tell people that so soccer moms and tweens can feel good worshipping the kid. His role model and mentor is Usher-a man who openly talks about having sex when he was 13. So please, stop. I’m sure it won’t be too long until lil Bieber unintentionally knocks a few groupies, in which case his ignorant feelings might change.
        And it is a female issue. It is the woman who must carry the child, pay for the medical bills, take time of work and risk her life. So yea, it takes two to tango but one gets to take off if they feel like it.

      • RJ

        I agree with Cheryl. The people who have responded to this post simply sound deluded and overly defensive. None of you have made coherent arguments.

        Lindsay Cross – Justin never told you what to do with your uterus. He just gave his opinion. He’s allowed to disagree with abortion, and his disagreement isn’t an impingement on your rights. And women walk away from children also. They give children up for adoption, put them in foster care, hand them off to the father and run off to another city. Don’t pretend that men are the only ones who skip out on their responsibilities. Even if a man is a deadbeat father, he isn’t completely off the hook. He still has to pay child support and child support courts are HARSH on fathers. Saying that women always do everything by themselves is pretending.

        Goldie – Christians may not be oppressed for their beliefs on abortion, but they do experience a lot of anti-Christian bigotry when this subject comes up. It’s sad that some people kill or harm abortion providers, but it doesn’t change the fact that the bigotry Christians experience is real. I disagree that most pro-life vs. pro-choice people diverge in opinion only on the topic of rape/harm to the mother. They diverge in opinion from the very beginning. Most pro-choice people think abortion is okay even if the woman hasn’t been raped and her health isn’t in danger. Most pro-choice people think abortion is always acceptable, most pro-life people think it never is. Justin Bieber’s gender and wealth don’t invalidate his opinion. Men are affected by abortion also, and sometimes even wealthy people don’t want to have kids. He can have an opinion on it.

        Ashley Cardiff – It’s simple. If a man is burdened with a financial responsibility to a child only because the man fathered the child, he should have a say in whether the child is aborted or not. It doesn’t make sense to saddle the man with responsibility after the child is born, but not give him the choice of whether he wants to take on that responsibility. After all, the man still fathered that child whether it’s been born yet or not. If the court system gives a man responsibility because he fathered a child, then that man should also get reproductive choice for the same reason: because he fathered that child. Men shouldn’t be given responsibilities that they can’t opt out of when the woman has the choice to opt out of her responsibility.

        Jessica – Justin did not sound like an “ignorant moron”. He stated his beliefs eloquently. Just because you disagree with them doesn’t mean you should insult him. He never condemned women, he just said that he doesn’t agree with abortion. I also disagree that abortion is complicated. It’s killing and removing a fetus, simple as that. The feelings and decisions that go along with abortion may be complicated, but the act of abortion itself is a simple matter.

        Whether or not Justin is really a virgin doesn’t matter. It doesn’t change that fact that he’s allowed to have his beliefs. And why are you insulting him again by saying that he’ll knock up groupies in the future? You don’t know him, you don’t know what he’ll do in the future, and you’re just making baseless insults because you’re mad at the opinion that he holds. That’s immature, and much more ignorant than anything Justin said.

        Finally, no abortion and pregnancy are not “female issues”. The man is affected just as much as the woman is. He’ll have to deal with child support for 18 years (which means he’s paying for the medical bills). He might have to raise the child by himself if the mother leaves the kid with him and abandons them (which means he’ll have to take off from work sometimes). And very, very few women “risk their lives” during a pregnancy. Read my response to Lindsay Cross. Women have just as much of an opportunity to “take off if they feel like it” as men do.

    • Goldie

      I agree with Heidi. I would speculate that Rollingstone asked him this question because “beiber” and “abortion” are buzz words guaranteed to get tons of hits on the internet.

      Everybody has an opinion, no doubt, but not all opinions deserve equal consideration. A 16-year-old male virgin’s opinion on abortion obviously doesn’t carry much weight. That’s why it’s so irritating that they asked him.

      • RJ

        Like Cheryl said, the fact that he’s a male and a virgin doesn’t matter at all. His opinion has just as much weight as any other person’s.

    • Sara

      In a society where freedom of speech is allowed, I think you were a little mean here. I agree with Eileen. He was giving his opinion. That’s allowed. I did not get a sense at all that he was condeming anyone at all.

    • Melissa

      Shame on Rolling Stone for throwing a kid into a PR minefield.

      And quit yer spazzing, JPO…”I’m always happy to have a child tell me what to do with my vagina, aren’t you?”…..Really?! I’m pretty sure he’s not picketing in your face at the local abortion clinic, he’s just giving his opinion. Which he’s allowed to do.

    • Leah

      As someone who doesn’t care what Biebs thinks of anything, I don’t care that he gave his opinion on abortion. What scares me is his opinion on rape. “Everything happens for a reason”? With that logic, Biebs himself could rape someone and think “well I wanted to, and I must have wanted to for a reason, so whatevs”. THAT’S scary.

      • RJ

        When he said “everything happens for a reason” he meant that bad things happen so that you can learn from them and grow as a person. He didn’t mean he was going to go around raping people now and claiming that rape is justified. If that’s what you got from his statement, then you’re just a moron.

      • C.

        Wow. So according to RJ, rape happens so that we can learn from it and grow as a person. Does RJ stand for Retarded Justification?

    • Goldie

      tried to post a comment several times without success. i give up.

    • C

      He isnt TELLING people what to do, he is just giving his opinion. There is a big difference.

      • marissa

        very true, everyone is entitled to their own opinion…the fact that he isn’t a girl doesn’t stop him from having an opinion on a subject. as a matter of fact, justin should have an opinion on this…his mom had him when she was 17 or 18, an age when many people in that situation would probably consider abortion…either way it goes you can’t knock him for sharing his opinion, the question is why would the reporter even ask the question?

    • Paige

      The way I see it is, if you were woman/man enough to lay down and spread your legs, you should be woman/man enough to take care of the child YOU made. You should have thought about that before you decided to not wear a condom, douchebag. Justin, wear a condom.

      • Foximaiden

        Yeah those rape victims really need to take responsibility for getting themselves pregnant. Oh wait, they didn’t really have much of a choice.

    • G

      the issue is pretty simple. The point of divergence comes from the fact the anti-abortion proponents believe the fetus is a life and they act accordingly. Abortion proponents do not view the fetus as a human life but rather a potential human life and THEY act accordingly. It’s that simple, but it gets complicated by all these other issues and the rather ineloquent musing of kid like bieber when asked his position. The number of responses to this post is testament to the division on the basic issue. People mad at this post aren’t angry at the fact bieber is getting blasted, they’re angry because they view the post as an insult to their intelligence for holding a certain view and the opposing side responds back. that’s were the heat comes from.

    • Mel

      Just bcuz he isnt a girl and is a virgin doesn’t mean he can’t have an opinion about wether abortion is right or wrong i’ve never been pregnant and im a virgin and like him im dead set againts it u don’t have to go through something in order to have an opinion about it he has every right to say his opinion he did nothing wrong

      proud of u justin!

    • Kate

      People are hating just because he’s Justin bieber. I think he’s saying, a baby is a baby, no matter how it came about. Life is a miracle, even if it was forced and unplanned. I have never been raped and don’t understand what that’s like. But if you don’t want it, can’t you give it up for adoption or something? I think abortion is killing. But that’s just my opinion. Of course, what do I know? I’m only a stupid immature 14 year old.