Now You Can Have Your Period In A Sexy Way

With “sexy” period panties!

According to the website: “Always chic, always sexy, you rule the city. Whether you’re heading out dancing with the girls or getting dressed up for a movie night in, Friday Night Fabulous™ is what you’re wearing.”

I’m glad that my period is clearly not going to stop me from ruling the entire city like some Maleficent-style supervillain. And the design seem clever. What is the design, you ask?

Sexy Period™ fabric consists of 3 layers—2 absorbent layers (closest to your body) and 1 leak resistant layer (furthest from your body). Our absorbent layers capture and wick liquid keeping you dry and comfortable, while our leak resistant layer traps spills and protects you from embarrassing period leaks so you can still give off that every-girl-is-dying-to-be-you vibe.

All the girls are dying to have a leak resistnt layer next to their lady flower? Just like me? Really? Wow.

Well, okay. Point for design. Well, that is, points for thinking about how to make this work, period panty designers. But I’m not sure we need to make menstruating a sexy event. We could just make it… a liquid reminder of your own fertility? Proof you’re not barren? Because next I’m worried there are going to be toilets marketed towards me doing “sexy business” in there and some things really just aren’t. - Sexy Period

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    • Eileen

      Now I’m confused. Are these panties meant to be worn without a pad or tampon? Is that the gimmick? Because otherwise they seem unnecessary.

      When I’m having my period, I just get out the tampons, change them regularly, and wear the same panties I do when not having my period.

    • Colleen

      I WANT THESE!!!!
      My period is one of those where I’m going through a super-tampon in less than two hours, and sometimes going through to my pantyliner I wear as backup….and sometimes, even going through the PLASTICKY BACKING that is supposed to be keeping my undies safe. Yes, doctors are on the case, investigating this.
      I have many women friends over the age of 35 who say their periods are getting heavier, more intense…and this could be just the people to market these undies to!

    • Julie (Sexy Period)

      @Eileen They are a backup designed to be worn in combination with your regular pad/tampon routine. When we did market research, we found that 60% of women experience menstrual spills at least once a month…lucky for you it sounds like you’re in the 40% who don’t have to worry about anyone checking out their butt for the wrong reason!

      @Jennifer Our take on the sexy marketing is that it’s always fun to look hot even if there’s no way we’re getting action during that time of the month. Trust us, we’re right there with you that “sexy business” toilets sound revolting. : )

    • Sara

      They are seriously amazing. I suggest everyone buys at least one pair! I know they’re kind of expensive, but trust me: it’s worth the investment.