Poll: Would You Diet for Your Wedding?

Assuming that marriage were fair and equal, and everyone who wanted to get married could, and then you were one of those people who chose to tie the knot, would you try to lose weight before your big day?

I ask because, unsurprisingly, Jessica Simpson is battling her weight yet again to marry that guy from my hometown of Needham, MA, Eric Johnson (yes, I am going to drop that fact every chance I get). According to HuffPo, she’s enlisted the help of celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson:

“She wants to look healthy,” Tracy told Us Weekly. She added that Jessica, 30, “is in the mind-set that this is a big, forever lifestyle shift.”

Anyway, my wedding plan is to be in relatively good shape. I might try to tighten it up a little, but I’m not trying to look completely different when I get married and then spend the rest of my life trying to get back to my wedding weight. It’s too pathetic.

What about you?

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    • colette

      Everyone looks beautiful on her wedding day. Dieting= unneccessary evil

      • audrey

        I feel like not everyone looks beautiful on her wedding day and I feel like the internet can help me prove this.

      • L

        Audrey, this reminds me of the time I found a post on “ugly brides.” There were pictures of women and men who were considered “ugly.”
        I believe the post was satire, but that doesn’t mean that the pictures weren’t of real women and men getting married. It was unfair, cruel, and not funny at all.
        There are about 6.5 billion people in the world who don’t look like supermodels. Welcome to the club. “Ugly” people look past their flaws and continue on with their wedding and LIVES despite people’s put downs because they are HAPPY, and a wedding should be a happy day.
        That said, if you want to diet, go for it. I recommend trying to keep it off, though. It’s depressing trying to get back to an ideal.

    • Eileen

      When my mother got married, she actually had to alter her wedding dress because she’d lost ten pounds in the month before the wedding totally by accident (she never diets). And although she looks beautiful in her wedding pictures, she doesn’t look like every other picture of my mom I’ve ever seen…it totally wasn’t necessary. I won’t actively try to keep from losing weight, if I ever get married, but I’d rather look like myself.

    • miinxi

      Im getting married august of next year, and though I need to (at 5’2 and 60kg) im a bit too lazy so im more praying it happens than anything.

    • Carolyn

      I’m tailoring the dress to fit me, not the other way around –Jennifer Lopez in Monster in Law

    • Kelly

      I could stand to lose 5 pounds and/or tone up a little, and I would probably make a more concentrated effort before my wedding (instead of the steady diet of margaritas and hamburgers that I’ve been on lately). But I basically like my size and wouldn’t want to drastically alter it.

    • steph

      I’m getting married in September and the only thing I’d like to do is tone up a little. I’m good not dieting.

    • Quin

      Maybe, but I’m kind of hoping that by that time I’ll have gotten more in shape anyways.

    • Taylor

      I know my boyfriend will think I’m gorgeous whether or not I lose a little weight for my wedding, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do anyway, and I’LL feel prettier if I’m not worried that my arms look fat in pictures.

      Shallow? Maybe. But I feel better about myself when I know I’m in the best shape I can be in, and when I don’t have unhealthy habits.

    • sanneb

      I bought my dress at the size I was when I got engaged and spent the entire engagement period trying not to change size. This meant eating extra calories to deal with the stress of planning. Almost 5 years later, my wedding dress is now too big on me, and I’m ok with this.