What Do You Think Of This Look?

Because the thoughts I think are so violently outraged that voicing them would make me sound like some kind of female Patrick Bateman (who, by the way, would know this this is not very GQ). – MrDool

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    • hannahbeth

      If a guy showed up dressed like that for… anything… I’d be very confused.

    • audrey

      That look is retarded.

      Like, Patrick Bateman would mistaken him for a child and kill him behind a trashcan at the zoo level of retarded.

    • Jamie

      It looks like he’s going to valet my car and then take off the Lacoste to seat me at my table. Or maybe he’s going straight from the golf course to work. Either way, I’m saddened I had to see this. Also, I can’t help but think how uncomfortable that golf outfit would be. I bet he’s a terrible golfer.

    • porkchop

      this outfit was probably what Tom Cruise was wearing when Bateman ran into him in the elevator and told him that Cocktail was a good movie.