Fashion Face/Off: January Jones vs. Anja Rubik vs. Nicolas Cage

January Jones’ much maligned Versace gown is on the cover of Vogue Spain’s March issue, worn by Anja Rubik in its original runway blue (pictured below, on Jac, during the Spring 2011 RTW show). And then there’s Nicolas Cage.

So, who wore it best? Is it Polish beauty Anja (whose blonde hair sets off the startling blue) or is it current campaign face Jones, who takes the runway column to reality? Or is the answer simply Nicolas Cage?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

And Jac, via

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    • Christina

      It’s a lovely dress – I’m just a bit distracted by the photoshopping. A model as thin as Anja would have her ribcage shining through in that pose, not just her collar bones (hell, I must weigh 20 kilograms more than her and even I can see my ribcage) – but lo and behold, it’s just smooth and shiny. They don’t only photoshop models to look thinner, but also to look less bony.

    • miinxi

      umm. why the **** is Nicholas Cage in this article? And why am I the only one confused about this?

      • D

        Do you need someone to explain the Wickerman remake to you, too? Its Face/Off.

    • Sandra

      Well, Nicholas Cage got style we must admit, but the dress will not suit him well:)…

    • dodger

      i am very confused as well and D’s comment did not help, jus added more confusion, this seems kinda retarded. i ges i jus don get it

      • Corissia

        She means he stars in a movie called “Face/Off” and it’s apparently a remake.