Red Carpet Rundown: The Worst Dressed At The 2011 Elle Style Awards

The 2011 Elle Style Awards were host to some nice looks and some uninspired ones. Because it’s a ceremony celebrating style, some notorious risk takers also hit the red carpet. As you know, when risk takers turn up, sometimes they soar and sometimes they… end up in this very gallery.

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    • fanforlife

      I especially like the slide shows just to read the ongoing comments. You are the best; dark, but still the best.
      As for Eliza Doolittle…a perfect reason not to augment your beast. Cleavage is very sexy, but who wants to look at two saucers on a women’s chest.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        thank you kindly!

      • Sulema Breiter

        Interesting, just found out your site by searching google and this article is exactly what i was looking for. Could you please tell me whether you have an rss feed for this site? I would like to add this site to my rss feed reader, so i’ve looked for the rss icon but cannot seem to find it…