Awesome Times We Have Been Catcalled

We’re sort of part of the problem, really. We should probably gently chide men for treating us like pieces of meat when they catcall us. Instead, we keep flashing them the double thumbs up (like Fonzie!) Oh, fine, not all of them. Only some of them. Only these. Only the best ones. We give the rest only one thumb up, and sometimes we let it hover sideways for a while, like we’re judging gladiators. Here are the best catcalls the women of the B5 office has ever received:

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    • marissa

      New Yorkers and Chicagoans are the best cat callers. The Latino neighbors loooove to cat call! If you are feeling bad about yourself, go to Logan Square and Humboldt Park in Chicago and walk around a bit. You’ll get honks, twice-overs, and phone numbers.

      One time I had a guy who was standing on his balcony talking on the phone. He put down the phone to give me the most vulgar of cat calls telling me what he’d like to do to me.

    • Kinsley

      I was standing outside of a store in a shopping plaza and two guys came out of the store next door. This stopped and stared at me, then one started singing, “too much booty in the pants…” to which the other guy chimed in, “Dance! Too much booty in the pants, dance!” And they walked all the way to their car singing.

    • Kinsley

      It was ridiculous, but so funny.

    • Nicole

      On one hot summer night, I was accosted by a young gentleman who said: “Damn girl, you is wearin’ dem shorts. YOU IS WEARIN DEM SHORTS!” I liked it because I was indeed wearing the shorts.

    • Celia

      Once, my roommate and I were all dressed up in cute little sundresses to go to something semi-formal for our fraternity, and this guy who lived in the next building over (6 foot 5, black, and gorgeous body) said “DAMN! Look at you ladies looking all flizz-ziy in your summer dressed and hair all done up pretty!”

      It was actually very sweet in a way.

    • Chelsea

      I lived in Chile for one year– that in itself should explain everything. I do believe I received at least one catcall a day for an entire freakin’ year. Now I’m nothing special, believe me. Just the fact that I’m a “gringa” was enough for most Chileans. Some of my favorites of that year include:

      Walking down the street, talking on the phone and having my friend not be able to hear what I’m saying because there are about 20 construction workers on top of a roof hooting and hollering at me.

      Walking on a mostly deserted street during the day and having a man on a bench whistle and then proceed to raise his beer can to the air in my direction.

      Waiting for the subway with my friends and having some SIGNIFICANTLY younger boy drunkenly yelling at me in a thick accent, “I love you, I love you!!” while his buddies tried to drag him away.

      I’ll stop there…

    • M

      Once when I was 16 I was walking home from the grocery store and a male neighbor who could not have been younger than 65 [and that's a pretty kind guess] swaggered across the street at me pelvis-first and asked ‘Wanna pet my doggie?’ He did, in fact, have a dog [probably why he never got arrested] but it was pretty damn obvious he wasn’t referring to his jolly canine companion. At the time it was pretty gross because while I do go for older guys sometimes there’s a limit, and also: SIXTEEN. But now it makes an excellent story.

    • Katie

      Last night, I was leaving a bar with a large group of my friends, both boys and girls. We were walking towards the L when a transvestite started yelling at me, ‘Damn, look at your shape. Damn girl, you got some shape!.” This went on for about a half block until I waved back at her. Everyone in my group was laughing hysterically. Definitely the first time a man wearing woman’s clothing complimented me on the street, but also about the 4th catcall of the evening, I need less shape.

    • hannahbeth

      When I was 17, my school got uniforms– plaid skirts and all. I was standing in a gas station when the man behind me in the checkout line said, “‘Had a poster looked like you once.”

    • ellie

      I was walking through a fairly rough part of a certain scottish city one night at about 10pm, on my way to a friend’s house for a wee gathering, and as I was about to cross in front of anther street, two 17-or-so year olds came sprinting out, with someone evidently shouting in pursuit. The first simply ran on across the road, but the second stopped dead in his tracks, staring at me with his mouth open exclaimed “och but you’re stunnin’ ” in the broadest scots accent I’ve ever heard (and I’m scottish myself). He still managed to evade the guy chasing him (i think they’d stolen cigerettes or something) and I was proper chuffed!

    • colette

      these are sheer brilliance. I one time got catcalled by a GIRL. I was confused and uncomfortable but also deeply flattered. You guys should do one about the best ways to respond to/ react to catcalls. Break out the ninja skills or record them on your phone for posterity?

    • Kat

      The Mary Magdalene one is by far the most flattering catcall.

    • LaLa

      It get’s really hot where I live so I wear a lot of dresses. Last summer I was walking out of a store and an old man (over 65) told me it was nice to see a girl wear a dress. Because he felt most young people don’t wear appropriately feminine clothes and then said some more stuff about women “trying to be men now-a-days.” So… Thank you??

    • gottaloveit

      So many comments from men are the streets are awful, but some can make one’s day…

      This is the best ‘catcall’ I ever received (and being the age I am, I’ve received more than a few).

      I was walking down a crowded block of Market one summer afternoon years ago in San Francisco. I was young, slim, and lithe, dressed simply in khakis, a fitted seersucker shirt, and had cut my strawberry blonde hair very short and cropped. I also was in a very good mood, thrilled to be where I was, heading into the city to see the sights, on my own.

      A young man passed me and called out loudly, so that everyone around us could hear, “You’re beautiful; I love you!”

      I’ve never forgotten his spontaneous declaration, and will cherish it all my life…!

    • emma

      i’m late on this one but i have a funny one.
      i was on my way home from work and had picked up mcdonalds for my sister and i (one of those days haha) and these two construction workers in a pickup truck yelled ‘I LOVE A GIRL WHO EATS MCDONALDS’ and ‘YOU ARE MY DREAM GIRL’.
      i hurried into my house.