Can Arms Be Too Big?

Let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time, I was complaining to a friend of mine at work (my former work) about the size of my arms. They were too big, I whiningly opined. My friend assured me that my arms were not too big, that they were normal size, and that I didn’t look a little bit like a linebacker. I took her at her word.

Twenty minutes later, I walked into my (now former) boss’ office. Without skipping a beat, she looked up from her desk.

“Wow, big arms!” she said.

This story is not made up. This really happened. At first I thought that my boss and my friend were playing a joke on me. “Did Sara put you up to this?” I asked.

“No,” she said.

I was devastated. Turns out that in my boss’ world, she explained to me — the lesbian world — saying “big arms” to a woman is a compliment. I gently explained back that in my world — the world where I’m really self-conscious about my arms — saying “big arms” to me is most definitely not a compliment.

She laughed.

I don’t work there anymore.

Although to be fair, sometimes I still have drinks with my old boss. I love her.

At any rate, I can only imagine what she would think about Cameron Diaz, and I have to wonder — do you think that at some point, arms are too big? If so, does Cameron qualify?

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    • Emy

      Of course arms can be to big, just as much as legs… I often complain about the size of my thighs, but I would if my arms were big too. In my opinion, Cameron Diaz’s arms, as well as Madonna’s are too big. Some people think they might look sexy or beautiful, but I don’t. There is a difference between being fit and having football player’s arms…

    • Eileen

      Yeah, but you’d have to take a lot of anabolic steroids to get there. Cameron – and Madonna, too – look strong to me, which I think is attractive. Looking like you could enter a Mr. Universe contest, on the other hand…that’s just excessive (on men as well as women).

    • Monica

      I can’t believe it1 This post comes after today morning’s yoga class where the instructor told us we should work more our arms. I then was analyizing myself, agreed I am happy I don’t have puffy arms, defenitely need to work them so one could see the muscles. But now I am scared. i don’t want what I see in the pic. Any Photoshop there??

      • Molly

        You have nothing to worry about. It took aLOTof work (plus diet and supplements) for Cameron to get those arms. You absolutely will not look like that unless you want to AND know how to get there.

    • Cotton

      Personally I think her arms look great but her face looks goofy in this picture which distracts me for some reason.

    • Taylor

      It looks like a woman’s head on a junior high football player’s hairless body. Ew. I want to look like a lady. A fit lady, but still a lady.

    • Sporty

      Ah, this is my dilemma. I compete in Mixed Martial Arts, jacked arms come with the territory. My arms are still quite small but to “pack a bigger punch” so to speak I need to lift more weights. I have a feeling my arms will start to look a little like Cameron’s and I sort of have to ask myself, does being at the top of my game threaten my sense of femininity.

    • hannahbeth

      I remember watching Dawson’s Creek (for the first and only time) and hearing one of the female characters– I don’t remember if it was Katie Holmes or Curly Blond Chick– express her criticism that guys only care about girls with big boobs and skinny arms. Of course, after hearing this (likely wrong) statement, I stared at my elephantine arms in the mirror all afternoon. I still do pushups and triceps work, but I generally let the cardio take care of toning my arms. I do think they can be too big. I mean, I’d rather have Grace Kelly’s slender arms in her sleeveless outfit in Rear Window than Cameron’s, but I’d rather have Cameron’s toned arms that will probably NEVER have old lady wing flappers than a set that’s just skin and bones.

    • Tracy

      She’s with A-Rod now, right? He likes him some fit women. His wife was body-builder looking, then he was with Madonna, a couple softies in the middle, and now Cameron’s getting buff.

    • mpd

      Yes, I think arms can be too big and I think Cameron Diaz’s arm would fall into that category. I don’t know why so many lesbians like super muscular arms, I (as a lesbian) personally find anything beyond moderately toned to be really off-putting.

    • Gina

      Look at her neck. It doesn’t even match with her face! Crop anyone? lol.

    • Danielle

      I remember when I first saw Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2. Everyone thought she had big arms and looked to manly. If you watch that movie now, she just looks a little toned and basically normal. So WTF are Madonna and Cameron Diaz doing???? Sorry. They look freakish to me.

    • zeina

      this is obviously not a real picture, its been done on photoshop, to attach cameron’s face to someone else’s , probably a man’s, body… it looks ugly and masculine…nothing nice about that..

      • Danielle

        I agree, this picture of Diaz is probably a fake, but Madonna does have giant freak arms.

    • Jordan

      Can this be real? If so, it looks disgusting. what’s next men with boobs?

    • sanneb

      Arms are only too big when you can’t wear shirts with sleeves anymore (or if you used chemical augmentation to get them that big).