How To Wear Nude Shades And Not Look Naked And Wrinkly

Commenter Lo pointed out in “Do You Wear More Neutrals or Colors?” that she hates “ that weird nude shade that makes everyone look naked but bizarrely wrinkly.” I know exactly what that shade is! I call it “Carrie Bradshaw!” I think its proper name might be ”taupe.” Or does taupe have more brown undertones? For the sake of simplicity, let’s just call it “nude” - even though yes, we all know many people’s nude skin does not look like that. So. Nudes. How can you wear them and not look all naked and wrinkly?

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    • Lo

      Thanks! It’s nice to see some nude shades that avoid the fake tan + scabs effect. It seems that some sort of strong colour/colouring is best for balancing this stuff out. (On the other hand, I reckon I could solve my budgeting and summer heat problems with a stick of glue and a two-gallon tub of sequins).

    • Mary

      Great advice! Pretty sure Pic 4 isn’t Kate Moss though.

      • Jennifer Wright

        You’re totally right, it’s Kate Bosworth. I don’t know where my head was this morning.

    • Sandra

      The matter is what you wanna show… If you want to show your skin you know that it must be pretty much perfect, tight and with good ten…But if you want to show some fashion, i totally recommend some strong colors like red and black…

    • LostinIreland

      I love the “nude” dress with the black accents.. I wonder if it would be ok for someone with a fuller breast… And where in the world can I get it ??


    • LostinIreland

      sorry I meant to type “fuller chest “…LOL