What Do You Think Of Mischa Barton’s Nude Shoes?

Mischa Barton was spotted wearing these heels by Christian Dior. We’re sort of liking the idea of walking around with little naked statues supporting us as though were some kind of Aztec giant goddess. But we can see how some people might think that was weird (people who can’t appreciate giant goddesses). Would you wear them?

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    • Geek Porn Girl

      I think I answered your questions about the shoe in this blog post: http://wp.me/p6DHk-PO

    • jen

      I can’t decide wether i find them completely insensitive/offensive or kinda awesome. I think if the giraffe print was omitted then they might be a little less offensive. That said, as an art history major, I could totally see the novelty of wearing these.

    • Sarah


    • L

      I think they’re actually really awesome. If I WORE heels, I would wear them.

      That is, I’d wear them if they didn’t cost my arm, soul, and firstborn child to buy them.

    • Nessy

      As I AM a giant goddess, I think these are the perfect little pillars for my alabaster feet. KNEEL!