Poll: Would You Rather Date A Smoker Or A Herpes Haver?

All these years, even as non-smokers, we’ve been tolerating romantic partners dashing outside to suck a cigarette thinking “it’s cool, they’re like Hemingway” (That’s young Ernest pictured, smoking like a chimney.) But I guess we’re in the minority! According to HowAboutWe a Canadian dating site is no longer accepting smokers. They claim:

“As of a year ago, we stopped accepting clients who smoke, because time after time, when we were attempting to match (them), their files would be rejected,” said Lianne Tregobov, of Camelot

However, they’re still willing to accept someone with herpes. Apparently, people are open to dating people with great gaping sores, as long as they’re on their genitals, not their lungs.

To our knowledge, Hemingway did not have herpes. The only person we suspect of having herpes who is notable is Adrian Grenier (SHEER SPECULATION ON OUR PART) and this would probably influence our feelings about dating him.

But we could have been really looking at this the wrong way all along. So…

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

Forget about smoking and herpes right now and just find someone to go on a fun date with you at our dating page, brought to you in partnership with HowAboutWe. You can worry about lung cancer and HSV later.

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    • Jane

      You can always quit smoking. Herpes you can’t quit so easily (…or at all).

    • Danielle

      I voted for smoker, but I have to say, I’ve grown to detest seeing people smoke.

    • SpringChicken

      You know a HUGE percentage of the population has the herp right? Ask any medical professional you know. Lots of people don’t know they have it ’cause they don’t get tested and you don’t necessarily have outbreaks. I had a mixed up blood test once that got me very schooled on the subject and completely changed the way I look at it. It’s also um, not a CHOICE like smoking is.

    • Eileen

      I agree with Spring Chicken – I wouldn’t want to date a smoker because I have a hard time accepting that someone is making a conscious choice to do something so damaging not only to their own health but to that of those around them. Someone who contracted herpes can’t get rid of it, but they can control it and do the best they can not to transmit it to others/have frequent outbreaks – in other words, you can have herpes and still be working to take care of your health. Having herpes may represent a bad health decision made once, but smoking represents a bad health decision made every day of one’s life.

      • SpringChicken

        Not to keep harping on this (like I said, I had a rather enlightening close call and feel rather strongly about the subject) but as far as it even involving ONE bad health decision: condoms don’t prevent the herp, it’s skin to skin contact. The stigma for something so easy to catch is unbelievable–and there are no other adverse health effects at all. Not true with smoking obvs.

      • ABetterDaughter

        This post is totally rude and inappropriate. Herpes a medical condition, not something to snark at. Lame.

    • Not Impressed

      How can you write about “great gaping sores so long as they are on the genitals and not the lungs”.? Do you know anything about herpes, what it looks like, etc? People with herpes have enough guilt and other things to deal with, including having to listen to the many, many supposedly funny jokes dealing with the condition without reading crap like what you wrote. Shame on you.

    • Marie

      This poll is absolutely rediculous… And I don’t find it funny… In order for someone to answer this poll intelligently, they must first do their research on both subjects… But really??? How & why would you compare the two??? One is a medical condition that is not choice, while smoking, although very hard to quit, is an option.

    • Nikita

      I understand that herpes is a medical condition and the people who have it don’t choose to have it whereas smoking is a choice. However, I’d much rather date a smoker than someone with herpes. There’s always that risk of catching it myself, and because of the fact that smoking is a choice, there’s always the possibility of quitting, however challenging it may be. Once you get the herps, you have it forever.