Snooty Fashion Slang: “A Pant”

Ever since I worked at a clothing store in Soho many, many years ago, where I had to sound like I knew something about fashion, I’ve been tickled by the use of the singular as it pertains to items of clothing that we usually discuss in the plural, as in, “you’re going to want to pair this blouse with a simple, high-waisted pant.”

It never gets old.

Anyway, I was just reminded of this upon visiting Michael Kors’ website, where it reads:

“Highlight any look with a notable nude sandal.”

I mean, come on — why phrase it that way? The only purpose it seems to serve is to make oneself sound as though one has some sort of elite way of speaking about fashion, but it’s just so silly that it comes across as a parody of itself.

And besides, who other than self-important salesclerks and Anna Wintour have you ever heard use the phrase “a pant”? No one. That’s who.

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    • Rose

      The American public in general spouts such brilliance as “I could care less” (which by the way means exactly the opposite of the sentiment you’re meaning to express, dumbass). A clear example of the truth that: just because everyone says it, doesn’t make it any less incorrect.

      Certain people educated in fashion aren’t going to deliberately use incorrect terms just because everyone else does. Pants and sandals are plural. Just because most fashion lay-people use them singularly doesn’t make it right. It also doesn’t make people who use the terms correctly elitest. It just means they have a enough knowledge and respect for their craft to use industry terms correctly. Why would you speak or write inaccurately if you knew better? I certainly have no wish to contribute to the mass dumbing down of society as we know it.

    • Shae

      “Highlight any look with a notable nude sandal.”

      The sandal is notable because you only wear one. Inconvenient, yes, but ah – such is fashion.

      • Ellen W.

        And how is a nude sandal “notable”? It would only be notable if it were nude for a person with skin color different from yours in which case it would be called “blush” or “peach” or “tan” or whatever.

        But those slacks are pretty cute.

    • Maris

      Can we PLEASE talk about Finola Hughes on the old version of What Not to Wear? Not only did she do the whole “pant” thing, she also called things “chocolate” instead of “chocolate brown.”

      Example: Pair that lovely blouse with a nice chocolate pant.

      Maybe my mind is in the gutter but wearing a “chocolate pant” would make me feel like I’d had an accident.