• Tue, Feb 22 2011

Are Your Tights Sexy Or Sensible?

Okay, the thing that perplexes me most about this chart is how leopard print tights are A) appropriate, ever and B) more office-appropriate than plain sweater tights. Please explain. – WSJ

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  • Kelly

    I tend to think of backseam stockings as sexy – so definitely not something I’d wear at work. And I totally agree – sweater stockings are way more conservative (and therefore officey) than leopard!

  • K

    Does anyone else think its weird that this is a WSJ article?

  • DarqueandLovely.Tumblr.com

    Whatever. True story: I’m currently wearing red-&-black velvet brocade leggings/tights. To work. Under my very appropriate shirtdress. Sometimes tights and leggings are the only part of my wardrobe I can have fun with. I wouldn’t even worry about the print when so many people either don’t wear them when they should OR wear them as pants.


  • Carol

    Who in her right mind would wear leopard print tights to the office!? I would rather wear jewel tone opaque tights or fishnets with something neutral/conservative before diving into that extreme. Sooo crass. It’s all about class & sass.