Would You Pay $800 For These Uggs?

These boots were made for walking in very specific cities, clearly. The NYC version is pictures, but they’ve also made them for Miami, LA, and Vegas. They’re $800, which strikes us as pretty steep for anything but Louboutins, but they’re studded with Swarovski crystals. This pair is available at Ugg Australia stores in NYC.

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    • Liana

      How was this not designed by a Kardashian?

    • Marisa

      I wouldn’t pay any money for any Uggs.

    • Grace

      I wouldn’t pay for uggs with dog shit.

    • 1stladyC

      I hate Uggs, and I definitely would pay for these.

    • 1stladyC

      Opps…I hate Uggs, and I definitely wouldn’t pay for these. haha

    • kathleen a mchale

      6/3/2011 i’d pay $25.00 for a pair or winter boots[uggs...]