Food Is Fashionable: Is This The World’s Most Stylish Doughnut?

Glamour magazine UK has teamed up with Krispy Kreme to create these lip gloss inspired doughnuts. Editor Jo Elvin says “We are proud to present, with Krispy Kreme, the world’s most stylish doughnut.” We’ve got a pretty soft spot for the heart shaped ones Dunkin’ Donuts was selling but… maybe? What do you think? – FashionETC

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    • Serena

      I can just see it now: “The Newest Beauty Must-Have for People Who Aren’t on a Diet!” And I’d like to point out that they’ve now created lip gloss frosting but still no birth control for men. At least we have pretty doughnuts!

    • Lisa

      Mmm! Want! Definitely worth the calories, it seems. Pretty.

    • Manda

      Not impressed, at all. Making something shiny and pink doesn’t even come close to making it “fashionable”, let alone aesthetically pleasing.

      I will stick with my heart-shaped Dunkin’ Donuts, thank you.