Cage Match: Katy Perry vs. Anja Rubik vs. Nicolas Cage

Last week, we brought you a new feature called Fashion Face/Off. This week, we got super psyched on all the possibility in the air and re-named it Cage Match.

It works like this: we present you with a runway look (or a head-to-toe runway look as it appears in an editorial) and a “real life” use of the look (granted, magazine covers aren’t exactly real life, but whatever*) and a photo of the actor Nicholas Cage.

What Cage represents is up to you. If his presence is somehow more alluring than either representations of the runway look, then follow your heart.

This week we have Katy Perry on the cover of Elle, up against last week’s winner model Anja Rubik, against Nicolas Cage.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.


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    • Corissia

      I can’t help myself, I’ve loved him since I was 15. Always going to pick him over clothes.

    • Chickalupe

      I hate Nicolas Cage. Always have. He creeps me out for reasons I can’t articulate.

    • katie

      i have a strange love for him i just wish he would go for a hair cut lately

    • eva

      without a doubt Nicolas Cage, I just love him.