Tuck Yourself Into This Corset Swimsuit

I’ve always been a big fan of corsets. They really do wonders for the figure. Sure, they’re a little restrictive, but honestly, few tops are more flattering.

Besides, to be fair, this swimsuit isn’t an outright, whale-bone, rib-crushing corset of yore. It’s a bit more forgiving, but still beautifully designed…and with handy, lift-providing bra cups.

Zimmermann Store, $375


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    • Sheena


    • Vixenly

      LOVE it!!

    • hannahbeth

      Interesting! I had a dream last night that I was Rose from the Titanic, and Jack and I had both survived and were swimming through Hong Kong (my sub-conscience doesn’t know geography) and he had to cut my corset off so I could keep going.

      • hannahbeth

        I guess my point is that swimming requires lots of breathing, so best not to try much more than treading water in this thing.