• Wed, Feb 23 2011

16 Things A Man Could Say That Would Make Us Love Him Instantly

Our friends at TheFrisky compiled a great list of “Things a Guy Could Say That Would Make Us Fall Truly, Madly Deeply In Love.” They include statements like “You looked a little PMSy, so I baked you chocolate chip cookies and rented “Bridget Jones’ Diary” and “Let me tell you how I feel about you” and “What size shoe are you? I saw a pair of Louboutins I think you’ll really love.” We made a list, too. It has different things on it.

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  • Erin

    “I went to the Bon Jovi concert last night…and I took pictures of his butt for you because I know how much you like it.” Followed by several picture messages with said butt shots. (true story. Best. Boy. Ever.)

  • M

    This list is mostly just making me want to fall in love with Jennifer.

    • Jennifer Wright

      Will you hold me so tenderly in your Jesus arms, cuddle me like I’m tiny T-Rex?

  • Lo

    Thanks for reminding me a) why I’m a ridiculously lucky girlfriend (squidlebrities; that’s us), and b) why I read this ladymag website in preference to other ladymag websites.

    • Ashley Cardiff

      Squidlebrities are an important part of a healthy, functional relationship.

  • Chickalupe

    Jennifer, you make me want you for a best friend. And 70′s-era (or any era) Bowie for a boyfriend (… more than I already did, I mean).

  • SpringChicken

    Word Liana. Instant love and devotion.

  • veronika

    LEAVE PAZ ALONE!!!!1!!1!!

    srsly though, paz is insance and hilarious and NOT BORING, which is soooo rare today for an actress under 30. BACK OFF!

  • Mrs. Paul Simonon

    I like Jennifer’s idea, but for me it has to be Paul Simonon (The Clash), and it would be circa 1977. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go meditate on being Paul’s girlfriend ;-)

    • Jennifer Wright

      Hi Mrs. Paul Simonon,

      Let’s rock the Casbah together. We could be heroes.


      Mrs. David Bowie (Oh, and London called. I don’t remember exactly what it said because it didn’t make a sound, but I think it boiled down to “hi. How’re you?”)

  • macalny

    I now want Jennifer to be my best friend. I am a geneticist and just finished reading The Family That Couldn’t Sleep. Prion diseases – and FFI in particular – are SO nuts! Also, Paz de la Huerta sux!! :)