Diet Coke Is Making You Fat

It’s only because it wants more of you to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony!

Or maybe – according to this study - it is the full pound of M&Ms you are eating nightly with Diet Coke that is making fat. Perhaps that is the problem. According to That’s Fit, people who drink a lot of diet soda have an increased likelihood of being obese. However, they also state:

People mistakenly equate drinking diet soda to actually being on a diet. If you rationalize a liquid calorie savings as a license to gorge, there’s little chance you’ll keep your weight under control for very long. I once had a client who drank a 64-ounce bottle of Diet Coke and ate a one-pound bag of M&Ms almost every night. She used to tell me it wasn’t so bad because the soda contained no calories. Then I explained to her that she was eating more than 2,300 calories. In one sitting. Every night.

So, eat less M&Ms and drink as much 0 calorie soda as you want. Go crazy.

(It is possible I’m giving you bad advice, because the article also speculates that Diet Soda might be a vile, evil nectar and I have already had 3 just to wake up, so evil is just pulsing through my veins right now. Like I’m a Bond villain.)  

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    • Lauren

      Actually, even if it is diet, all soda is bad for you. I read an article in November about how diet soda actually makes you hungrier because of the artificial sweetener in it. So my dad decided to stop drinking diet soda all together and he lost 5 pounds. All he did was give up soda. He didn’t eat better. And it was during the holidays which means he actually ate more and still lost weight. So stop drinking soda and you will lose weight.

    • Eileen

      If you drink enough soda that it makes a difference switching to diet, you drink too much soda.

      On a semi-related note, when I was in elementary school one kid did his science fair project on what soda does to teeth – he soaked his fallen-out baby teeth in soda for differently allotted amounts of time every day, and they were literally rotten by the end of the experiment. Soda is just plain bad for you.

    • Goldie

      It didn’t *rot* his teeth. The cola is actually acidic enough to erode enamel, and if you leave a baby tooth in it overnight it will actually disappear. Coke is commonly used as a cleaning agent because of the acid. That is, I know mechanics who use it to clean engine parts. Strong stuff.

      But yeah, soda is bad for you. Diet soda can also keep you from losing weight because it has a lot of sodium and makes you retain water.