When Did You Have Your First Drink?

In an interview on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” David Arquette talks about having his first drink at the age of four. And not, like, an adorable sip of wine that you then spit out as proof that your parents haven’t completely fucked you up; like, a full beer, as his father sat next to him. According to CNN, Arquette told Oprah that:

“I was down in the basement with my dad and beer was there and I just grabbed it and drank it. And I remember that. It’s one of my earliest memories.”

So, I wasn’t four when I had my first entire drink. I did sip a beer of my dad’s when I was a kid, then vowed to never drink beer again, then broke that vow about ten years later. But the first time I consumed an entire alcoholic beverage was around age 13, and it was a screwdriver. I don’t know if my friends and I made those because we got to say something that vaguely referenced sex, or because that was all we knew how to make, or because the only ingredients we could get our hands on were vodka and orange juice. Probably a combination of all three.

At any rate, what about you? When did you have your first alcoholic drink, and what was it?

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    • papa geek

      I was about 16, at a party I shouldn’t have been at, and one of the “bad” kids in school gave me a beer. I was super paranoid the whole night that I was totally drunk and my parents would find out!

    • Laura

      My parents started offering me whatever they’ve been drinking since I was about 15. I think my first drink was a dessert wine. I’ve never really understood why some parents withhold any and all drinks from their children until the day they turn 21. I’ve been drinking occasionally for years and now I’m one of the few people I know that doesn’t drink with the sole purpose of getting drunk.

      • papa geek

        As I understand it, it’s illegal even for parents to give alcoholic drinks to their underage children, and they can be arrested? At least that’s what a cop told us all once long long ago, but that may have been a scare tactic!

    • Carolyn

      age 15…sprite with vodka and pucker. made by a friend’s mom at a new years party

    • Gimmy

      I can’t remember when I first tried alcohol but at least in Britain parents can allow their children alcohol at home from the age of five. I’ve been drinking a glass of wine with the occasional Sunday dinner since the age of twelve or thirteen, and was tipsy for the first time at age eleven-ish because my gran gave me some red wine after my parents had already let me have wine with dinner…previously to that I wasn’t even really aware that alcohol could have any effect on behaviour! The first drink I had without parental supervision was beer when I stayed with my 19 year old cousin aged 16. It was cheap Scottish beer, and it was foul.

      • ellie

        I grew up in britain too; and I’ve been drinking small glasses of wine or (hard) french cider with dinner since about 5 too, and my dad gave us small whisky toddies for sore throats and colds since forever. I’ve never been drunk though; I think the early exposure has given me a great tolerance!

    • Laura

      @papa geek: I think it depends where you live, but most cops aren’t going to arrest someone for giving their 16-year-old a small glass of wine. In Oregon, parents are allowed to pour for their child as long as they stay in the same room. I don’t know what the laws are for other states, though.

    • K

      Mulled wine on Christmas, age 12. I didn’t know alcohol made you “feel funny” and ended up laying on the couch, CONVINCED I had come down with some sudden horrible illness and was about to die.

    • Rosie

      I didn’t drink more than the sip-of-what-my-parents-are-having until 20…at a friends’ house, I had a shot comprised of 3/4 stale ginger ale, and 1/4 watermelon pucker, at which point I fell asleep “passed out drunk” and then drove myself home, terrified that I would be pulled over for driving drunk. What a loser.

    • BriannaW

      I turn 21 in two months, and I have yet to have my first alcoholic drink. My parents never withheld it from me or anything, I’m just obsessed with following rules. I do plan to drink on my 21st birthday, although I have a lot of friends who have never drank alcohol and swear that they never will. I think that’s unrealistic. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying alcohol as long as you are a responsible adult and you don’t take it too far.

    • Eileen

      I was 14, it was eighth grade graduation, and I have no idea what the hell it was, other than juice-based – but my best friend whom I totally trusted gave it to me. And I probably had an occasional glass of wine at dinner (Thanksgiving/Christmas, etc) starting when I was 17 or so. But I didn’t drink on anything like a regular basis until I left for college.

    • A

      Mine was a screwdriver at age 13 too… though it had nothing to do with the name and everything to do with the half empty handle of vodka in my parents unlocked liquor cabinet and the bottle of minute maid in the fridge. I had one drink, my 2 friends had several more and I spent the entire night paranoid and cleaning up after them because I was *sure* my parents were going to come home at least 5 hours earlier than they said they were.

      …they never found out.

    • Ms Six smells

      My first word was ‘beer’. In my family alcohol was defiantly not taboo. I have been drinking or having a taste of some thing for as long as I can remember. Its never been a big deal and I’m still a functioning member of society.

    • bridgette

      My mom threw lots of parties when I was a kid, and she started giving me champagne and crown and cokes when I was about 6 or 7. I started drinking regularly around 14, and I’m pretty sure my first drink that my parents didn’t supervise was a beer.

    • Leah

      13. My best friend and I rode a 4-wheeler out to her dad’s hunting camp and stole the most unsuspecting thing we could think of – a bottle of ginger brandy. I’ve never had ginger brandy since then (I’ve never even seen it in a store), but I can still taste it if I think about it hard. It was TERRIBLE.

    • Lindsey

      17. Apple Pie.

    • Sara

      I was 14 staying at an all-inclusive resort in Puerta Vallerta. I think it was because I’m blonde.

    • Sara

      Oh! And it was a strawberry daiquiri :)

    • porkchop

      one of my parents’ drunk ass friends gave me a glass of vodka punch at a party when I was 5.

    • katie

      at 11 my uncle (who was quite hammered) put vodka into my pop to kill the bubbles at the family reunion. after that i drank one every year then at 15 i did shots

    • Ashley

      Other than a sip of beer or wine from my parents, my first drink was at 15. It was a Zima. I probably put a jolly rancher it in to make it even more sickeningly sweet. Oh highschool.

    • aislinn

      At 15 I split a smirnoff watermelon with my best friend and thought I was so drunk…I can’t even drink them anymore they are way too sweet!

    • Wasabi

      Despite growing up in America, my parent’s were set on being raising me just like they had in Poland. That not only meant Saturday polish classes (ugh) but also a laissez faire attitude towards alcohol. So it was normal for my home to have large parties where even little kids could have a sip of beer, vodka, or such. I remember having my first sip at 5, and my first full glass at 8 for a birthday party, it was a glass of pink champagne.

    • Melusine

      At 12 my older friend and I, at a dinner party, snuck into the kitchen and I consumed half a bottle of gin and raspberry liqueur (the one they use to make truffles). I remember feeling surprised that I didnt feel tipsy at all.