Sink or Swim: What Do You Think of Anne Hathaway’s Nerd Fox Style?

Anne Hathaway broke out the geek glasses (and an awesomely sultry grin) at Harvey Weinstein and Dior’s Academy Awards dinner.

I find her frilly top pretty unremarkable, but that pencil skirt looks like it was made for her! Better yet, I think this is the most comfortable and confident I’ve ever seen her look. Full disclosure, though: I have a weakness for glasses and think everybody looks roughly 5x better in them.

So, what do you think of Anne’s look? Is it just a boring set of separates topped off with dorky glasses, or is she kind of rocking this to an impressive degree?

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(Image via People)

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    • Lindsay Cross

      Are those polka-dot tights? One, where do those fall on your chart? And two, I think they add some fun to the outfit.

    • Ali

      I think if she had smaller lenses (like a less flamboyant cat-eye with thick frames) the look would be flawless – the giant “nerd” lenses are a little too much of a novelty for my tastes.