Friday Style Icon: Liv Tyler & Her Co-Workers From ‘Empire Records’

Empire Records is just an extravaganza of a guilty pleasure, isn’t it? It was perfect for us ’90s kids who were too young to work in record stores but dreamed of how cool it would be–if we ever got that fantasy job selling CDs, we’d just crush on Oasis and listen to Better Than Ezra and the Gin Blossoms all day. Or so we thought at age 12. Anyway, Liv Tyler looked so pretty, Robin Tunney was so tortured, Ethan Embry sent so many teenage hearts aflutter and Brendan Sexton III was in it. But everything comes together in the end! Also. Rex Manning:

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    • Celia

      LOVE THIS MOVIE. The Rex Manning Day quote is my favorite.


    • Jane

      This post made my day! Pretty much…Empire Records is one of my favorite movies of all time. A few of my sorority sisters and I still celebrate ‘Rex Manning Day’ every year, even though we all live hundreds of miles apart. It is awesome.
      Just a heads up to all Empire fans…I recently purchased the “remix” version on dvd and was almost irreparably scarred. They added in way too much crap that was not in the original…all of a sudden I felt like I didn’t even know the movie any more. BEWARE!

    • bridgette

      I soooo wanted to work at a record store after seeing this movie! My dad felt it would be inappropriate considering I was probably 10, though.

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